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Kwiff CRO – Stake Limit Response



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Kwiff CRO Ian Perrygrove has prepared this response to the new future rules on stake limits for online slot games.

“The British government finally released the results of the consultation on spin limits for online slots, something we’ve long known about, and kwiff has used that time wisely to prepare.

“We all know that any kind of change will have wider consequences than may be seen at first glance, and the advance preparation work has helped with that. For example, players’ stake levels and stake changes are primary metrics for identifying players at risk. Now that stakes will have significantly smaller variations, the industry’s modelling and customer interaction processes will need to adapt accordingly.


“I know this, and all the other knock-on consequences, have been well considered by the Government and the Gambling Commission, and so we will soon receive the full guidance to help us with the final touches. The team at kwiff is ready to embrace this change and to ensure our players have a supercharged experience, but at the new stake limit.”


Paddy Power launches new innovative Checkd Dev betting tool Mix ‘N Match



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Long-term partnership enhanced through product that allows same-game multiples to be packaged together

Sports betting technology specialist Checkd Dev, part of award-winning Checkd Group, has enhanced its long-term partnership with Flutter Entertainment brand Paddy Power by developing and successfully launching betting solution Mix ‘N Match.

Created as the supplier’s first bespoke product for Paddy Power in the UK, Mix ‘N Match enables users to build combination bets quickly by offering pre-configured betting opportunities. These can be personalised rapidly, with easy-to-use filters helping users build smarter multi-leg bets far more easily.


The successful launch builds on the success of Checkd Dev’s Smart Acca iFrame product, which is licensed for use to tier-one operators including William Hill and Sky Bet. The latest iteration of the API moves the proposition forward even further, by allowing for multiple single-event combinations to be packaged together in the same bet.

Markets on offer include 1×2, BTTS, fouls, shots, shots on target, goalscorer and cards, with data from all the major leagues and competitions. Mix ‘N Match also includes a Bet Shuffle function to randomly generate new betting opportunities on the go.

The product utilises official Opta data, with historical form intelligently interrogated to provide rapid-fire data visualisation insights that aid bet selection, ultimately driving improved conversion to bet placement for the operator.

Adam Patton, Checkd Dev Managing Director, said: “We are thrilled to have worked with Paddy Power on this innovative product. The collaborative approach taken with their internal team was a pleasure to witness too, both teams worked seamlessly together. We look forward to evolving the product even further as we begin to build a clearer picture of user behaviours.”

Rob Elliffe, Head of Product at Paddy Power, said: “Checkd Dev were great to work with throughout and despite being a complex product, delivery was on time. Mix ‘N Match is a truly innovative product and one that’s already proving popular with our customers, benefiting the user journey through the smart use of data to support betting decisions.”


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Compliance Updates

Bet on Compliance: Navigating the Stakes with the UK’s Affordability Checks



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By Isabelle Zanzer, Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist at ComplianceOne Group

Feeling like the deck is stacked against you with all these talks of financial checks in gambling? Wondering if this new game plan will leave your privacy on a losing streak? If so, no need to bet on uncertainty anymore. We’re here to deal you in on the UK’s latest gamble towards responsible betting. Let’s shuffle through the details and lay our cards on the table, as we make sure you’re holding a winning hand in understanding what’s in play. Ready to roll the dice and dive in? Follow me.

On July 26, 2023, the UK Gambling Commission launched consultations on proposed reforms in the Gambling White Paper, focusing on areas like direct marketing, age verification, game design, and financial risk checks. This article delves into the latter, highlighting new financial vulnerability and risk assessments to safeguard customers.


The UK’s consultation introduces two checks for gambling: light-touch financial vulnerability checks and detailed financial risk assessments. The first tier of checks is designed to identify financial vulnerabilities such as bankruptcy orders or significant debts, using publicly available data. The second tier involves enhanced financial risk assessments triggered by significant losses, requiring more comprehensive scrutiny of a customer’s financial situation.

Thus, in simple terms, what is going to happen at the heart of the UKGC’s new measures are two-tiered affordability checks designed to assess the financial vulnerability and risk of consumers engaging in online gambling. The first tier involves unintrusive checks that will be triggered when a customer reaches a specified net loss within a rolling period, using publicly available data to identify potential financial vulnerabilities. To dive a little deeper, this check will be conducted if a customer either has net losses of £125 in a rolling 30 days or £500 within a rolling 365 days. It would need to include “at a minimum a customer-specific public record information check for significant indicators of potential financial vulnerability”, including whether the customer is subject to things such as a bankruptcy order, county court judgment, or individual voluntary arrangement. Net loss would be defined as loss of deposited monies with an operator, not counting restacked winnings or bonus funds.

The second tier represents a more detailed assessment of financial risk, which is activated at higher loss thresholds. A comprehensive financial review is required for gamblers with significant losses, examining their financial data including credit status and spending. If third-party data is unavailable, operators may directly seek customer consent for access, ensuring a thorough understanding of financial health.

The gambling industry’s reception of these checks has been cautiously optimistic, particularly regarding the initial, less invasive tier. However, the prospect of more detailed financial assessments has sparked debate, not only among operators but also among consumers wary of privacy infringement.

As the UK gambling sector adapts to these new regulations, the challenge will be to strike an optimal balance between safeguarding consumers and maintaining the operational viability of gambling platforms. The pilot study represents a critical step in this process, offering valuable insights into the practical implications of affordability checks and the potential need for adjustments in response to industry feedback and consumer concerns.


The outcome of the pilot study and subsequent parliamentary debates are pivotal in shaping the future of affordability checks in the UK gambling sector. As operators, regulators, and consumers navigate these changes, the overarching goal remains clear: to foster a safer, more responsible gambling environment that protects consumers from financial harm while ensuring the industry’s sustainable growth.

Striking the right balance in the new UK gambling regulations is like walking a tightrope. With the introduction of light-touch and in-depth financial risk assessments, operators may face the challenge of protecting players without overstepping into their privacy. These two-tiered checks aim to shield those at risk, using both public data and deeper financial insights.

The key here for operators will be to navigate these waters carefully, ensuring player safety while keeping the game fair and enjoyable. Now, when trying to find a balancing act, we need to consider the following:

  1. Regulatory Compliance Risk: Reviewing the existing practices against the UKGC’s affordability check guidelines, identifying discrepancies, and recommending changes to align with the new regulations.
  2. Data Privacy and Security Risk: Evaluating the ability to handle and protect sensitive financial data in line with GDPR and other data protection laws.
  3. Operational Risk: Assessing the impact of the new checks on daily operations and customer interactions.
  4. Financial Risk: Analysing the potential financial implications of the affordability checks on revenue and customer base.
  5. Reputational Risk: Considering the public and customer perception of the affordability checks, especially regarding privacy concerns, the key here, like in all relationships, is communication. For example, it is estimated that just the very highest spending 3 percent of accounts would undergo financial risk assessments. Most financial risk assessments – at least 80 percent – would be carried out through credit reference agencies. The checks are expected to be frictionless and not interrupt the customer journey unless concerns are raised. It is estimated that a further 10 percent of risk assessments will be done through limited data-sharing through third-party open-source banking, which is similarly straightforward from a customer perspective.

Finding this balance involves a tailored approach as one offered by ComplianceOne group, whereby operators can personalize checks based on individual player profiles, ensuring those at higher risk receive the attention they need while others continue to enjoy their play with minimal interruption. It’s about creating a safety net that catches those in need without trapping everyone else in unnecessary checks. The key to a winning strategy is the execute this balance, and understanding what is at stake: Reputation, Sustainability and Trust.

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Press Releases

National Gambling Support Network Offers Treatment in 3.5 Days



Reading Time: 3 minutes


Thousands supported and short waiting times highlighted on one-year anniversary of the National Gambling Support Network

  • National Gambling Support Network is urging anyone who may be struggling with gambling to contact their local service for free, confidential and personalised help and support.
  • New figures from the GambleAware-commissioned National Gambling Support Network show that people were offered a treatment session in just three and a half days on average.
  • It comes as new data released for the one-year anniversary of the launch of the National Gambling Support Network also reveals the number of calls to the National Gambling Support Network helpline in January of 2024 reached the highest monthly level on record.

The National Gambling Support Network is encouraging people to join the over 28,000 people who have been supported via brief interventions through the National Gambling Support Network helpline since April of 2023 and the thousands who have been supported through their local service provider.

People seeking support for issues with gambling were offered a treatment session with a trained professional in three and a half days on average between October and December of 2023, according to new figures from the GambleAware-commissioned National Gambling Support Network. The data also shows that organisations within the National Gambling Support Network, who are highlighting the free support that is available ahead of this weekend’s Grand National, contacted those seeking treatment in just 1.3 days on average in the last three months of 2023.

New data from the National Gambling Support Network helpline also shows that there were more calls and online chats made in January of 2024 than any previous month on record – the sixth time the record has broken since the beginning of 2023 – with 4,816 calls and online chats made across the month.


Additional data from the National Gambling Support Network helpline reveals that over 28,000 (28,175) people have been supported via brief interventions – conversations of 20 minutes or more – since April of 2023.

The GambleAware-commissioned National Gambling Support Network comprises 11 different organisations across Great Britain. Services within the National Gambling Support Network offer a seamless experience for people using them locally, regionally and nationally. It offers a range of support for people experiencing harm from gambling – whether their own or someone else’s – including residential treatment, one-to-one support and cognitive behavioural therapy amongst others.

The service was recommissioned in April of 2023 and was expanded to include additional services for people across Great Britain including peer-to-peer support and support with recognising gambling harms among GPs as well as other concerns linked to gambling such as debt advice and financial support.

Additionally, a recent YouGov survey of over 5,000 United Kingdom participants revealed that people were most likely to choose weekly support sessions with a trained professional as an effective way to reduce gambling harms. Out of the alternative options, two-thirds (66%) of people believed that sessions with trained professionals such as these would be an effective way to reduce harm caused by gambling. Six in ten (59%) also said that tools to block access to gambling websites would be an effective way to control their gambling and 58% chose speaking to a family member.

“Having accessed support through Beacon Counselling Trust years ago myself, I know the positive impact these services can have in rebuilding people’s lives after experiencing gambling harm,” said David Quinti, who was supported by organisations within the National Gambling Support Network. “Talking to a professional each week about what I was experiencing was an enormous step to help understand my relationship with gambling and, ultimately, help me recover from it. I would urge anyone who may be struggling with gambling to reach out.”


“The GambleAware-commissioned National Gambling Support Network is designed to prevent the escalation of harms associated with gambling,” the Chief Commissioning Officer for GambleAware, Anna Hargrave, said. “The National Gambling Support Network provides people with easy access to treatment and support wherever they are across Great Britain. It is heartening to hear the positive impact the services have on people’s lives and the difference they make. These essential third sector providers play a vital role for people across the country and we look forward to continuing to share this expertise and experience alongside the NHS under the new system once a levy is introduced.”

“Being able to speak to someone if you’re struggling with gambling is a vital tool in curbing gambling harms,” Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew said. “The increase in calls to the National Gambling Support Network helpline shows the importance of getting the right help in place for those who may be suffering.

“That’s why in our ‘white paper’ published last year we introduced a range of measures to prevent harms before they occur including stake limits for online slot games and financial risk checks as well as a levy on gambling companies to increase funding for research, prevention and treatment of gambling harms.”

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