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Today, Code Coven announces the appointment of Cinzia Musio as Interim Chief Executive Officer, effective January 9th, 2023.

Cinzio Musio (she/they) is an award-winning Equity, Diversity & Inclusion consultant, with a strong approach focusing on intersectionality. They currently work across the industry supporting to build awareness and education, and using data to drive a culture of inclusion, knowledge sharing and allyship. Alongside her work with Code Coven, Cinzia is a training consultant and researcher for Limit Break, and is involved within the industry in many ways including managing a UK Games Industry community of over 5000 people.

Tara Mustapha, Founder and current CEO at Code Coven is taking a continuation of parental leave, and will be stepping away from Code Coven to support the recent addition to her family, balance homelife and create a healthy, happy work-life-family balance.

True equality in the working world requires fundamental changes to a broad range of working practices, including a shake-up of the policies and cultural norms around parental leave. This announcement is about matching ambition with action and supporting all of the Code Coven community to experience the joy of raising a young family, while continuing to thrive at work.

“When I look at the values of Code Coven, in that we aim to develop confidence and compassion and care, there is no better person than Cinzia who lives those values every day. I am so proud to say Cinzia Musio is our Interim CEO who will continue to keep us accountable and ensure that we are able to live and create the work environment that we are so determined to change in the industry as a whole.

I’m going back on parental leave and have been privileged with my formidable team who have allowed me to continue to work in a way that makes sense with kindness and compassion.” says Tara Mustapha, Founder and current CEO at Code Coven.

In their interim role as Code Coven CEO, Cinzia says “I discovered Code Coven through connecting with Tara and I strongly know that my own progress and DEI journey has been closely interlinked with the narrative and growth of this great organisation. I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to look after an incredible team of intelligent, thoughtful and passionate people who inspire me everyday.”

Cinzia Musio will be using their operations experience combined with knowledge of the gaming industry to support Code Coven. Their pivot into the DEI space will be vital for navigating the industry’s challenges and will continue supporting the team with kindness and empathy, whilst ensuring continued growth for the company as a whole.