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The house doesn’t actually always win




Casinos are perhaps the most interesting places you could visit on the planet. Museums are nice, but casinos are great. Aside from all the natural marvels that they have rose from the depths of the Earth or the brilliant man-made structures, casinos are fascinating in their own way.

Let us tell you about one thing that makes these places worth visiting, maybe even more than once, whether or not you are a gambling enthusiast.

For a long time, these places have been like the song of a siren, that lures nearby sailors on the water of life itself. At the mere sight of a gambling spot, the first thought that crosses one’s mind is that one could get rid of one’s financial worries and struggles forever with a small investment and a bit of luck. Maybe right now you’re thinking that such don’t happen. Well, it could, and it has.

Some Lucky Gamblers

Cynthia Jay Brennan
She became one of the luckiest people on Earth in 2000, the beginning of a new millennium. And more than that, she became a new entry in the list of humans who won big in a casino. And when I say “big” I wish I could say that it were a joke, but we’re talking more than 34 million dollars in this case. Depending on your lifestyle, this amount of money could not only allow you to never work a day in your life again, but your grandchildren would also be set for life.


Elmer Sherwin
Dubbed by some “the luckiest man in Las Vegas”, she is a two-time Megabucks winner: in 1989 and in 2005. That’s a bit crazy, isn’t it? And how much did luck really have to do with it? Well, Elmer’s biggest win was just about over 21 million dollars. Now put yourself in the shoes of someone who had just got richer by a huge amount. What would you do with all the money? Spend it all in one night? Invest it in some Silicon Valley start-up? Or perhaps you’re feeling a little charitable and you do something like what Elmer did and invest a considerable amount in the Hurricane Katrina relief fund?

Richie Rich
$39.7 Million: a twenty-five-year-old engineer from Los Angeles came to Vegas to support his favorite basketball team. With Vegas being Vegas, he decided to spend some time at a casino. So after he spent 100 dollars on slot machines, he became one of the biggest winners in the city. He won a sum just a little shy of 40 million dollars at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas. Boom, just like that.

Spend some money, make some money

These three are just a few people who played in a casino and actually won. That does not mean, by any means, that everyone would; or that if you go right now and pull the lever on a slot machine you will certainly join the ranks of such winners. Nope, it doesn’t work like that, nor will ever. But what it does mean is that it is possible. Always and at any time. Even though the odds are not exactly in one’s favor, winning happens all the time. Si why not you?

What we find fascinating about this (and perhaps we are not the only ones) is that it takes very little involvement. Obviously, there are a number of different ways you could go about making millions of dollars, but very few of them are as simple as inserting a few coins/bills and pressing a button. Makes you think, doesn’t, it?

You must spend money to make money” is another thing that people say, and it turns out that in 99% of the times that is correct. And let’s not focus only on gambling for this one. Think about starting a business or taking a journey into self-development. At first, before you can even think about the profits you can make you have to do a little spending yourself. Whether that spending is renting a workplace, hiring a specialist in advertising or business planning, it is quintessential that it all starts with something you have invested in. Even if it’s just time, energy, effort, thinking. It’s all resources. You could say it’s a “be the change you want to see” type of situation, meaning that if you want people to spend resources on your business you have to spend some of your resources first.


Online Casinos

The casino land scape is changing and while these where 3 lucky winners from players who played offline, there are tons of big jackpot winners who have played online casino slots.

The Mega Moolah jackpot winner of €13,209,300, won in October 2015, by a 26-year-old British man. The Mega Fortune, Finnish Jackpot winner who took home €17,861,800 in 2013. The Hall of Gods jackpot winner of $8.63 in 2017. These are just a few examples of some bigger jackpot winners.

Playing casino online has also become more popular and common than playing casino offline. Online casino offers you a bigger selection of slot games, no waiting times, and accessibility from anywhere. This is even more true in today world, as online casinos now also offer you the ability to play on your mobile.

In addition, given that online casinos have much lower cost (they don’t have to pay huge sums of money in rent), they also give players more beneficial offers such as free spins, free bonuses without deposit for new players, big deposit bonuses like 250% up to a certain amount. That means that if you deposit 100, the casino will give you an additional 250 to play with. For example, in Romania, Maxbet casino offers new players 100 RON, about 20 euros in free money without the need to make a deposit just to test them out.

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Industry News

AU10TIX Risk Assessment Model Exposes Critical Vulnerabilities in Identity Verification Processes



Reading Time: 2 minutes


AU10TIX, a global technology leader in identity verification and management, today launched a free Risk Assessment Model that enables businesses to conduct an initial assessment of their exposure to operational, security and identity fraud risk.

Drawing insights from billions of transactions processed globally and years of expertise in risk assessment and mitigation, the model provides personalized insights and actionable recommendations to safeguard against critical fraud vulnerabilities in identity verification processes.

By taking five minutes to answer ten brief questions specific to their business, sector, security measures, and ID verification processes, organizations receive a customized Risk Assessment Report highlighting vulnerabilities across different key areas. The report provides high-level recommendations for bolstering overall security and operational resilience, enabling businesses to proactively manage their risk landscape rather than react to incidents.


Identity fraud risk assessment is crucial for companies that handle substantial financial transactions and are exposed to compliance liabilities, such as payments, banking, crypto/trading, etc. It helps identify potential vulnerabilities in the systems and processes that could enable unauthorized access or misuse of the data. It also ensures compliance with industry regulations, protecting organizations against potential legal consequences and financial damages.

“Our new Risk Assessment Model is designed to provide initial indicators of potential risks, offering companies a clear starting point for understanding how we can help them accommodate and mitigate these challenges effectively,” said Dan Yerushalmi, CEO of AU10TIX. “The tool is integral in demonstrating our proactive approach to fraud prevention and the strategic support we offer our customers.”

This announcement underscores AU10TIX’s dedication to leading the market in compliance and security standards. By tailoring assessments to specific business environments, the new model enhances risk management strategies and bolsters overall security and operational resilience. AU10TIX is committed to delivering robust technology and comprehensive, integrated risk management solutions that help businesses stay ahead of potential risks and regulatory changes.


The post AU10TIX Risk Assessment Model Exposes Critical Vulnerabilities in Identity Verification Processes appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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Press Statement from Hard Rock International Related to Star Entertainment Announcement



Reading Time: < 1 minute


Hard Rock International has released the following statement denying the report from Star Entertainment Group regarding potential transactions between the companies.

“Hard Rock International would like to address recent reports regarding a proposed purchase of the Star Entertainment Group Limited (Star) in Australia. We want to make it clear that Hard Rock International is not involved in, nor has it authorized, any discussions, activities or negotiations on its behalf in connection with a proposed bid for Star. Hard Rock International has similarly not authorized the use of the Hard Rock brand in connection with any proposed bid for Star by any third party.

“Our brand is built on a legacy of integrity, excellence, and a commitment to our guests, partners, and team members worldwide. Any misuse of the Hard Rock name in unauthorized business dealings is taken very seriously. We are currently investigating this matter and will pursue all necessary legal actions to protect our brand and reputation.


“We urge stakeholders and the public to rely only on official communications from Hard Rock International for accurate information regarding our business activities and partnerships.”

The post Press Statement from Hard Rock International Related to Star Entertainment Announcement appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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Dubravka Burda

IGT Continues Multi-Level Progressive Momentum with New Tiger and Dragon Game on the PeakCurve49 Cabinet





International Game Technology PLC announced that its new multi-level progressive (MLP) game, Tiger and Dragon, recently debuted on casino floors across the US. Available on the sleek PeakCurve49 cabinet, Tiger and Dragon combines new and proven mechanics with high bonus frequencies for an action-packed entertainment experience.

“We made a commitment to advancing IGT’s game performance with strong multi-level progressive content and leveraged our extensive research and focus group capabilities to achieve this with the award-winning Prosperity Link and Mystery of the Lamp MLP games. Bolstered by our strong momentum in the MLP space, we combined proven game mechanics with exciting new features and gameplay in the development of Tiger and Dragon. We’re excited to unveil this extremely fun and entertaining game with our casino operator partners and their players,” said Dubravka Burda, IGT SVP Global Studios.

The Tiger and Dragon MLP is available in two base games, Multiplier and Cash On Reels. Both games feature three unique bonuses: Tiger, Dragon, and the combined Tiger and Dragon bonus. The game introduces an entirely new lock-and-respin and reveal bonus structure featuring money ball symbols with credit values that can combine. In another new game mechanic, when gong symbols on reels land in the same row, monetary winnings are revealed. Adding to the gameplay excitement are the game’s “up arrows” that appear on reels and increase credit values exponentially.

The game’s Tiger bonus presents win opportunities on a 3×5 reel matrix, and both the Dragon bonus and the combined Tiger and Dragon bonus advance the reels to an 8×5 reel matrix for big win potential. The vibrant game stands out on the gaming floor on the PeakCurve49 cabinet with unique merchandising options, vivid graphics, and LED signage.

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