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Quantum Gaming, a trailblazing platform provider with a global footprint, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Japan Solutions, a consortium of specialized service companies dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of the Japanese market.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Quantum Gaming’s expansion strategy, propelling it towards unparalleled success in one of the most unique and challenging markets in the world.


Japan’s market is a complex labyrinth, rich with distinct cultural nuances and deeply ingrained societal values that set it apart from the rest of the world. For years, companies from all corners of the globe have struggled to decipher the code to effectively penetrate this enigmatic market. Recognizing the complexities, Quantum Gaming has joined forces with Japan Solutions, an alliance forged to bridge the gap between global innovation and Japan’s traditional values.



Japan Solutions brings together a consortium of industry leaders, each an expert in a vital sector for conquering the Japanese market. With the combined prowess of a Game provider, a Payment solution provider, a Marketing service provider, and a Consulting service provider, Quantum Gaming provides access to an unrivaled arsenal of resources and expertise.

Here’s some more information about each of the indispensable parts that make up Japan Solutions:


When it comes to conquering the intricacies of Japanese payment systems, Tiger Pay is your answer. Our fast, easy, and secure payment solution empowers merchants and brands to seamlessly manage multiple currencies within a single account. With Tiger Pay at your side, you can effortlessly connect with iGaming users, enhancing user experiences while streamlining financial transactions.


Unlock the true potential of the Japanese gaming market with Tiger Games. Their portfolio offers a curated selection of the best games tailored specifically for the Japanese audience. With a single integration through API, you gain access to a comprehensive collection of handpicked games that can be seamlessly integrated into your platform. Their gaming expertise ensures your offering resonates with the unique preferences of the Japanese gaming community.


Windstorm Media is an international media agency that specializes in Japanese media marketing, all based in Europe to cater to European clients. With deep-rooted knowledge of both cultures, they bridge the gap between Japan and Europe, enabling you to effectively communicate your brand’s message in ways that resonate with both audiences.



Make banking an easy endeavor with Tiger Gateway. Their streamlined banking solutions remove the complexity from financial transactions, ensuring that your operations run smoothly. Whether it’s managing payments, withdrawals, or other financial processes, Tiger Gateway simplifies the banking aspect of your business, freeing you up to focus on what truly matters.

Tigerpay is also Japan Solutions cryptocurrency and currency e-wallet. Tigerpay offers an efficient and streamlined digital asset platform, which simplifies intricate international bank transfers and payment processes, along with the management of transaction history.


“Japan has always presented a unique challenge for businesses due to its cultural intricacies and distinctive business landscape,” said Oliver De Bono, CEO of Quantum Gaming. “Our partnership with Japan Solutions is a strategic move aimed at not just navigating these challenges, but harnessing them to our advantage. We’re excited to leverage their specialized knowledge to ensure Quantum Gaming’s offerings resonate with Japanese consumers in meaningful and authentic ways.”

The collaboration between Quantum Gaming and Japan Solutions promises to provide a leg up in the Japanese market by delivering the most suitable structural advantages. This partnership is a testament to Quantum Gaming’s commitment to not only meeting market demands but also understanding and respecting the cultural foundations that underpin business success in Japan.

For those seeking to explore the endless possibilities that the Japanese market holds, Quantum Gaming’s collaboration with Japan Solutions opens doors to a realm of insights, opportunities, and tailored solutions.


If you’re ready to elevate your online gambling presence in Japan and tap into its immense potential, get in touch with us at and we’ll introduce you to a whole new world of iGaming possibilities in Asia!


NODWIN Gaming appoints former TEC Co-Founder Ishaan Arya as Vice President of Sales & Partnerships



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NODWIN Gaming, the leading South Asian gaming and Esports company, has appointed Esports veteran Ishaan Arya, as Vice President of Sales and Partnerships to bolster its leadership team.

With over a decade of experience, the former co-founder of The Esports Club has played a pivotal role in spearheading some of the country’s largest gaming and Esports events, including The Arena, India’s premier consumer gaming event. His guidance not only propelled The Esports Club to unprecedented heights but also facilitated its expansion beyond India into the markets of the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

In his new role at NODWIN Gaming, Ishaan will focus on enhancing the value of the company’s existing IPs, such as BGMS, DreamHack India, NODWIN India Premiership, Valorant Challengers South Asia, and Comic Con India, ensuring their sustained growth and global audience engagement. He will be working on new brand partnerships, initiatives and innovating IPs as NODWIN Gaming pushes the boundaries in the gaming, esports, and lifestyle segments.


Sharing his thoughts, Ishaan Arya, Vice-President of Sales and Partnerships at NODWIN Gaming, stated, “I am excited to join NODWIN Gaming to contribute to their massive roster of global gaming, esports, and lifestyle events. As one of the top new-age sports media organizations in the world, NODWIN Gaming’s visionary approach and global roadmap have always been top-notch. Alongside a fantastic team, I am eager to utilize my expertise in large-scale gaming events and publisher partnerships to elevate the company to new heights.”

“At NODWIN, we pride ourselves in encouraging our leaders to take ownership in various aspects of the business. As a founder himself, Ishaan not only brings a wealth of knowledge and experience but will also drive innovation and growth across key verticals of our gaming and entertainment segments,” said Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming.

Since its inception, NODWIN Gaming has cemented its position as a frontrunner in the global gaming and Esports industry. The company has been making significant strides in venturing beyond Esports, recently acquiring Comic Con India, alongside obtaining a 51% stake in the Singapore-based media company Branded.

With experience working with Comic Con India as well as industry giants like NVIDIA, Intel, LG, Lenovo, Dell, JBL & Amazon, in the past, Ishaan will be a key addition to NODWIN Gaming as they drive innovation and progress in the gaming and Esports sector.

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The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation today said outlawing Internet Gaming Licensees or IGLs, previously called POGOs (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators) could cause bigger problems since it would drive legitimate operators underground.

“If this happens, it would become harder for us to monitor them, and the number of illegal operators would grow and pose a bigger headache to our law enforcement authorities,” according to PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro H. Tengco.

“On top of these, the government will lose potential revenues of more than Php20 billion annually, without any guarantee that illegal activities will stop,” he said.


Mr. Tengco said it is very likely that when legitimate operators are banned, they will simply hide and vanish, bringing with them their gaming equipment like computers and machines and simply continue to operate without government monitoring and supervision.

“We have no guarantee that, once we ban the legitimate operators, they will simply close shop and return to their countries of origin where they are likely to face prosecution and jail, or worse,” he said.

“So they will just go underground here in the Philippines and continue operating,” the PAGCOR chief said. “Worse, they could join those who are engaged in illegal activities like scamming, hacking and other cybercrimes, which would cause bigger problems to us.”

“Once they are underground, we lose control over them,” Mr. Tengco said.

Despite this, the PAGCOR chief said the agency will respect whatever decision Congress will make on the issue.


“It is the prerogative of our lawmakers to outlaw IGLs, if they believe it will solve our problems.

“However, for us, the real problem are the criminal syndicates masquerading as POGOs. It is only through intensified law enforcement and the cooperation of all sectors that we would be able to address the problem of criminality,” Mr. Tengco said.

The post PAGCOR CHIEF: BANNING IGLs COULD CAUSE BIGGER PROBLEMS appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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Revenant Esports, headlined by NBK, to travel to India for $200,000 Skyesports Championship 2024



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Skyesports, a premier global IP builder for gaming and esports, is thrilled to announce that Revenant Esports’ newly-signed Counter-Strike 2 esports roster from Europe, will be traveling to India for the Skyesports Championship 2024, scheduled to happen from July 23 to 28.

Revenant Esports’ Counter-Strike 2 esports roster is headlined by:

Nathan “NBK” Schmitt, a two-time Major winner, and one of the most notable names in the scene.


Accompanying the prodigy are:

  • Kamil “reiko” Cegielko,
  • Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom,
  • Laurențiu “lauNX” Țârlea, and
  • Adelin “adeX” Nica.

The European team has received a direct invite to the Skyesports Championship 2024. They will be traveling to India to be one of eight teams competing in the tournament, which features the likes of Aurora Gaming, BetBoom Team, Eternal Fire, Furia, and The MongolZ.

Commenting on the latest invited team to the Skyesports Championship, Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, of Skyesports, said, “We are thrilled to welcome the talented roster of 1 Revenant Esports to the Skyesports Championship. It fills us with immense pleasure to see local esports organizations realizing the potential of Counter-Strike 2 esports, fueled by our $1 million 2024 roadmap and numerous on-ground events, and picking up international rosters. Bringing the best esports athletes in the world to compete in India has been a dream for us. We look forward to hosting the Skyesports Championship LAN this July.

Skyesports will also be hosting separate qualifiers in Europe and India to determine the last two teams in the Skyesports Championship.

The Skyesports Championship LAN in India with some of the world’s best esports players will undoubtedly be a major boost to the local Counter-Strike 2 esports community. India’s gaming market has rapidly grown to USD 3.1 billion in FY 2023, per a report by Statista. At a CAGR of 20 percent, the gaming industry is among the fastest-growing segments in India’s media and entertainment industry and will be worth over USD 7.5 billion by FY 2028.



The post Revenant Esports, headlined by NBK, to travel to India for $200,000 Skyesports Championship 2024 appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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