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XB Net unlocks premium horse racing content for IZIBET in Malta



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XB Net, the leading provider of premium horse racing content across the Americas, has further broadened its international footprint with the announcement of its latest digital distribution rights deal with established Malta-based operator, IZIBET.

IZIBET is the renowned retail brand of lottery operator IZI Group, with over 200 retail sites across Malta. IZI Group operates the island’s iconic Dragonara Casino and, since 5th July 2022, the National Lottery of Malta.

The agreement offers XB Net’s delivery of live pictures, data and betting services from an unrivalled network of tracks in North America, furnishing IZIBET with a highly-flexible programming schedule, supported by a steady stream of rapid-cycling wagering opportunities that are proven to increase digital dwell-time for new and existing customers.


These racing rights are founded upon core premium content from the majority of North American racetracks, which also grant IZIBET and its loyal customer-base access to more global highlights, including January’s Pegasus World Cup, two legs of the world-famous Triple Crown (featuring the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes) and the Breeders’ Cup World Championships. This daily timetable of engaging action supplies IZIBET with a reliable source of fast-settling racing content at both primetime and off-peak viewing slots.

XB Net stands alone as the proven pacesetter for horse racing content across the Americas, providing rights, data, live broadcast and video streaming on behalf of its growing global portfolio of partners. It retains a sought-after ability to offer players both pari-mutuel and intelligible fixed-odds in lockstep, which it does outside of the United States.

Simon Fraser, Senior Vice President International at XB Net, said: “It’s fantastic to break new ground in Malta with such a recognisable brand as IZIBET. This partnership adds more muscle to our strategy of selecting the right brands across key international territories, helping to grow the sport and return the value to racing’s stakeholders. IZIBET is a trusted ‘go-to’ operator in Malta, as befits the local national lottery brand. And this announcement also offers us unrivalled access to a thriving retail market. We’re thrilled to be able to deliver the best racing products on the market to even more bettors.”

“It’s an exciting time to be continuing to grow our global audience and products, with our core North American racing service now ably abetted by some cracking racing from Australia and South America. IZIBET’s diligent and innovative team give us the confidence to evolve and expand this collaboration as 2023 unfolds.”

Franco De Gabriele, Chief Commercial Officer at National Lottery plc, added: “We are delighted to have concluded this agreement with XB NET” as through this agreement IZIBET, which since 5th July 2022, has become the official sports betting brand of the National Lottery, will offer the most comprehensive horse and dog racing betting services in Malta, comparable to the rich offering provided by leading international betting providers. Our players can now avail themselves of races from the early hours of the morning till late in the evening when the roster of races from the Americas kicks in. This is in line with our customer charter which is built on our promise to provide the market with the richest and most enticing product offering possible.”


XB Net is now a key product of 1/ST Content, the innovative operating group for 1/ST’s media and content companies. 1/ST is the biggest racing company in North America, with a mission statement committed to redefining and supporting Thoroughbred horse racing and the ecosystem that drives it.

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Atlas-IAC’s CEO Maxim Slobodyanyuk Talks Winning Strategies & Vision for Future Growth in the iGaming Sector



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Atlas-IAC, a Next-Generation iGaming platform, has been recognized as the Best Sports Betting Provider Of The Year and Rising Star In Sports Betting Technology  at the Prague Gaming & Tech Awards 2024. The GamingTECH Awards annually  determine industry excellence in Central and Eastern Europe. Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlas-IAC, tells about insights into Atlas-IAC’s innovative solutions that are reshaping the iGaming landscape and the core principles of partnership driving mutual evolution for both Atlas-IAC and its esteemed operators.


Congratulations on winning “Best Sports Betting Provider Of The Year” and “Rising Star In Sports Betting Technology” at the GamingTECH CEE Awards 2024! How does Atlas-IAC feel about receiving such prestigious recognition?

We take pride in being acknowledged as the best sports betting provider and the rising star in sports betting technology across Central and Eastern Europe. At the heart of our success lies a team of exceptional visionaries, developers, and business analytics  striving to elevate the industry to new heights of technological innovation and responsible gaming practices.


I’d like to thank our great partners for choosing Atlas-IAC as their technology provider, and for subscribing to our core business principle — to evolve and grow together. Our win is our partners’ win as well.

To be the best sports betting provider entails a weighty responsibility, one we approach with unwavering dedication. These awards serve as a validation of our unwavering commitment to excellence and as a catalyst for renewed determination to shape the future of sports betting technology. We are grateful for recognition and remain resolutely committed to charting new horizons of success alongside our valued partners.


Could you provide insights into the strategies that drove Atlas-IAC’s success in the iGaming industry?

At Atlas-IAC, our success strategy revolves around building strong partnerships and establishing a notable presence in the competitive global entertainment technology market. We prioritize automation, which gives us an edge in emerging markets and allows us to onboard partners quickly and streamline operations.

Continuously improving our platform to offer a seamless Sportsbook API experience is a priority. Our aim is to deliver fast performance, smooth betting experiences, real-time risk management, advanced anti-fraud measures, and scalable solutions for partners worldwide.


Staying up-to-date, enhancing our product, analyzing market and partner needs, and proactively responding to them are essential. Being the top technological partner is a strategy that consistently works for us.


How does Atlas-IAC’s in-house developed Sportsbook differentiate itself from competitors?

Atlas-IAC’s in-house developed Sportsbook sets us apart because we have full control over its features and can make rapid improvements. Features like Personal Odds Boost and Clever Margin allow for customized experiences tailored to our partners’ needs. We focus on personalization, ensuring the product aligns perfectly with each operator’s requirements. With a skilled team dedicated to our partners’ needs, we can promptly address requests and deliver effective solutions.


Atlas-IAC offers one of the most automated Sportsbook available in the market. How does automation enhance the experience for both operators and users?

Our fully automated Sportsbook API is efficient and user-friendly, enhancing engagement and retention. It’s equipped to handle high demand periods effectively and offers tools for precise betting management and reliable results. We can swiftly develop and integrate custom modules for partners, giving us a competitive edge. We prioritize meeting partners’ needs while delivering enjoyable experiences for players, fostering mutual benefit for all involved.



What specific features or tools have been well-received by operators in the iGaming industry?

In the realm of iGaming, Atlas-IAC has garnered recognition for its remarkable adaptability and keen responsiveness to the requirements of our partners. Understanding the distinctive needs of each operator, we have crafted a tailored approach to ensure effective solutions.

One specific example of our successful tools is our Cashback feature, which serves as a versatile tool for promoting sporting events and enhancing player entertainment. This feature offers customizable settings based on specific sports, events, odds criteria, and frequency. With such flexibility, operators can effectively incentivize participation and elevate excitement levels among players.

In essence, the suite of features and tools offered by Atlas-IAC not only addresses the diverse needs of operators but also fuels engagement and growth within the iGaming industry.



What are Atlas-IAC’s goals for continued innovation and growth in the iGaming sector?

Looking ahead, our primary aim is to continually push the boundaries of innovation while delivering outstanding value to our partners. We remain steadfast in our commitment to leading the charge in the iGaming sector, fostering sustainable growth, and championing responsible gaming practices. Our strategy revolves around staying agile, adapting to emerging trends, and catering to the unique needs of operators worldwide.

The evolving sports betting landscape of 2024 underscores the critical importance of adaptability and innovation. Operators must navigate this dynamic environment marked by technological advancements and regulatory shifts, and Atlas-IAC stands ready to assist them in this endeavor.

In terms of market focus, we are meticulously evaluating opportunities in LATAM, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Africa. These regions offer significant growth potential, and our tailored strategy is geared towards effectively meeting the unique demands of these diverse markets.

The post Atlas-IAC’s CEO Maxim Slobodyanyuk Talks Winning Strategies & Vision for Future Growth in the iGaming Sector appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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How to avoid failing at affiliate marketing in 2024?




Reading Time: 4 minutes

The evolving landscape of affiliate marketing within the iGaming ecosystem presents both opportunities and challenges due to regulatory shifts. Adapting to these changes is crucial to navigate the dynamic environment effectively. Slotegrator experts exploring strategies to avoid pitfalls globally and adopting adaptable approaches can optimize affiliate marketing amidst evolving regulations.

The iGaming industry has had to focus on a number of changes in the area of affiliate marketing –  as a result of regulatory and advertising changes.

Beyond that, it’s important to keep in mind another important key initiatives that include key components of a successful affiliate program:

  • The quality of the content the affiliate creates.
  • Regulations the affiliate or affiliate program might be subject to.
  • This is especially important if the affiliate expects a commission for every sign-up. If the affiliate is getting paid for every player they send your way, the players need to stay for a while for it to be worth it.
  • An ongoing analysis of the size and quality of traffic the affiliate is delivering you.

To know more about these points you can read an instruction from the Slotegrator Academy by link.

The changes have not only affected the regulatory environment of the iGaming industry, but also affiliate marketing as a result of the general changes. What is important to look out for?


Slotegrator shares some regional specifics of affiliate marketing:

  • Asia is a diverse and dynamic region for affiliate marketing in the iGaming industry. Affiliates operating in Asia have to navigate complex regulatory conditions and varying cultural attitudes. Marketing managers have to employ strategies that prioritize mobile channelization, collaboration with opinion leaders, and compliance with local laws — all of which are essential to success.
  • Affiliate marketing in Africa is still in its early stages but is already showing significant potential. With the increasing availability of the internet and the spread of smartphones, the continent is opening up opportunities for affiliates to reach a fast-growing market. However, factors such as regulatory uncertainty, payment processing difficulties, and the cultural diversity of the region need to be taken into account.
  • In Latin America working with local affiliates who have a deep understanding of the regional market helps to better customize marketing campaigns and achieve higher conversion rates. Given the strict regulation of gambling in some Latin American countries, it is important to comply with local laws and advertising restrictions to avoid negative consequences.
  • Affiliate marketing in Europe is a dynamic and competitive landscape where effective strategies and a professional approach can ensure significant business success and growth in the iGaming sector. One of the important parts of affiliate marketing in Europe is the use of a variety of channels to build audiences. It helps to diversify and increase the flow of traffic to the partner’s site, which helps to increase conversion rates. Careful research of each country’s rules and restrictions is needed regarding the advertising and promotion of gambling.

Alyce Fabel from CasinoRIX, Slotegrator’s media partner, summarizes key aspects for affiliate companies to concentrate on.“As each year passes, affiliates must strive to improve and keep pace with the market. Competition is growing, regulations are evolving, and that brings changes to many regions. We can highlight five key points for affiliate companies to focus on:

  • Continuously search for and acquire new traffic channels. It’s crucial not to focus only on one channel; diversification is necessary. This has been particularly evident in the past year, with significant changes and updates in SEO and mobile traffic (iOS/Android applications).
  • Ensure content quality. As AI tools continue to advance, it’s essential not only to learn to apply them in work but also to differentiate content written by humans from AI-generated content (especially crucial for SEO projects).
  • Configure deep analytics. Constantly work on improving traffic quality and understand where to make enhancements. The standards for traffic quality are rising.
  • Provide added value. It’s time to start developing the product aspect as well, thinking not only as an affiliate but also about providing customers with additional value. This will also help in achieving higher-quality marketing.”

Cultivate relationships with partners. Build strong and lasting relationships, stay informed about all industry changes and news, and keep up with technologies and innovations. This is crucial for achieving high results.

And some words about the affiliate marketing trends as a compass to guide development efforts in this area in the right direction. Khoren Ispiryan, sales manager at Slotegrator, and the speaker of the latest Prague Gaming & TECH Summit ‘24, shares some insights:

  • “The best thing is to include real people in the affiliate marketing. To create an environment where bloggers, streamers and influencers will make a bigger impact on the end user behavior.
  • In 2024, gambling companies will continue to partner with influencers and other internet celebrities. These partnerships will be increasingly effective methods of attracting new audiences, promoting products, and increasing brand awareness.
  • Loyalty programs and other ways of enhancing the user experience will also be essential for the promotion of gambling websites.
  • The development of partner relationship management software will be a major priority. It will help improve usability for affiliate partners and enable better communication between companies and affiliates. For instance, Partnergrator from Slotegrator offers a solution for online gambling platform operators who face difficulties in tracking their affiliate program data. This innovative solution provides the ability to manage and analyze affiliate programs in real-time, using analytics to simplify the decision-making process.”

The post How to avoid failing at affiliate marketing in 2024? appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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GiG Media Secures 3rd Place in EGR Power Affiliate Ranking for Consecutive Year



Reading Time: < 1 minute


GiG Media, a subsidiary of Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), today proudly announces it has secured 3rd position in the prestigious EGR Power Affiliate Ranking for the second year running.

This achievement underscores the business’ unwavering dedication to strategic innovation, expanding its market reach and delivering unparalleled value to its partners and shareholders.

GiG Media’s portfolio of high-quality traffic websites, including,, and, has been instrumental in driving its success. With operations spanning across Malta, Denmark, Serbia, and Spain, GiG Media continues to set the benchmark for lead generation in online sportsbooks and casinos.


Commenting on the achievement, Jonas Warrer, CEO of GiG Media, stated:

“We are delighted to receive this acknowledgement yet again in the EGR Power Affiliate Ranking and this is nothing short of a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. This superb accomplishment reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence, internal talent, and continuous growth in the iGaming affiliate landscape. As we continue to grow the business in 2024, we remain steadfast in our commitment to players, partners and the industry alike.”

GiG Media’s portfolio expansion and strategic diversification have been pivotal in propelling its growth trajectory. Its ongoing product development and recent acquisition of Time2Play Media emphasise the company’s proactive approach to seizing emerging opportunities and reinforcing its market leadership position.

The post GiG Media Secures 3rd Place in EGR Power Affiliate Ranking for Consecutive Year appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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