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As part of their overall CSR and People strategy, ComeOn Group announced the rolling out of a new overarching programme called ComeOn Cares. This will be done across all locations and in collaboration with Richmond Foundation, an NGO based in Malta which champions optimal mental wellbeing for all. ComeOn Cares consists of several different projects that all revolve around mental wellbeing.

A fundamental part of ComeOn Cares is the new Employee Assistance Programme that has started to roll out across all locations with the help of Richmond Foundation. Through this programme, called Healthy Minds Work, ComeOn Group employees will receive dedicated mental health support as part of a wider Employee Wellbeing Programme.

The group also announced that through this same collaboration, they will be sponsoring various other programmes aimed at supporting the local community’s mental health, including free Mental Health First Aid courses for the general public. ComeOn is committed to their employees’ well being, as well as the community’s, and will continue to put this topic at the forefront of their CSR & People Strategy.

With over 550 employees, ComeOn also launched an extensive volunteering programme, enabling all employees to individually pick a good cause to support. This initiative is a part of the wider CSR strategy the company launched earlier this year. Employees have chosen to do area specific clean-ups, help out at animal shelters and local community support. Giving back to the community and engaging in donation drives is nothing new for ComeOn: it is and has always been a part of the global company culture.