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  • Developed by SuperGaming, MaskGun is India’s best shooting game and has now crossed the rare milestone of having 62 million players

  • Players have clocked in over 2,300 days playing MaskGun’s 1v1 mode since its January 2022 launch

  • These additions include spectator features, audio chat, and more

Made-in-India shooter MaskGun gets new features such as spectator viewing and audio chat to its 1v1 mode in its v3.02 update. Now up to five players can spectate matches and both players and spectators can engage in banter during matches.

In addition to this, the new update brings improved matchmaking and quality of life fixes for an even better MaskGun experience. Introduced in January 2022 to celebrate MaskGun’s third anniversary, 1v1 is now the most popular way to play MaskGun, which now has over 62 million players globally.

From MaskGun’s 1v1 launch in January 2022 till date, players have clocked in over 2,300 days in the mode with over one million matches played and more than 2.5 million total kills, making it the best new way to play MaskGun.

“MaskGun’s community has been asking for the 1v1 feature for a while now and it’s no surprise to see that it is currently the most popular mode in the game”, says Roby John, CEO and co-founder. “We’ve had the highest engagement rate ever after the addition of this mode. The leaderboard and in-game rewards have helped keep players coming back for more.”

1v1 marks SuperGaming’s first foray into competitive gaming and is accessible via the game’s Rumble section for all players at level five and upwards.

As the name suggests, 1v1 pits one player against another in a no-holds barred contest to see who is the best. Select from three weapon types — assault rifle, shotgun, and sniper rifle and square off against your friend (or enemy) and settle rivalries once and for all.