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Code Three Fifty One, a couple development team from Portugal won the 32nd Fan Favorite weekly vote at the Game Development World Championship (GDWC) with Project Haven, a 4-player story-rich game that is coming to Steam next year.

“Project Haven brings a gritty dystopian story, along with the intricate mechanics of the classics, to the Tactical Turn-Based genre. Alone or in co-op up to 4 players, the player commands the Steel Dragons, a mercenary outfit fighting for survival in the harsh streets of Haven City, the last city of Earth.”

2nd Place: As one against our end: “There’s no time to explain! You’ve been teleported to the final battle, the end of the world. Your soul is merged with those of other heroes. Together, you’ll be fighting the end of times!”

3rd Place: Zooconomy: “Zooconomy is a strategy-puzzle game where you exchange animals. Complete historic based story missions or play in sandbox.”