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Memories of East Coast by Muhammad Hakim Bin Ahmad, a solo indie developer from Malaysia, has won the 20th round of Fan Favorite voting at the Game Development World Championship 2021 (GDWC). This is a debut game from the one-person development team, offering and immersive visual novel experience that takes player on a journey through memory, nostalgia and guilt. Memories of East Coast is available on Steam.

2nd place went to Hell of an Office, an intense speed-running first person vertical platformer where player runs, dashes and rocket-jumps their way through the world’s most hellish office. Developed by 43 Studios from Spain.

3rd place was taken by Tuned Turtle, a wacky 2D Platformer based on the Tortoise and Hare Fable. Players can tune up their shells with mighty power-ups and cross the finish line before Loko Rabbit.

GDWC team congratulates the winner and send thanks to all Nominees and voters. GDWC 2021 is currently active and each week nine games are up on an open vote, racing for a spot in the Fan Favorite category finals. C

GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite Vote 21 Nominees are:
– 63 Little Pieces by Samuel Sousa (Portugal)
– Deichgraf by Acid Mines Software (Germany)
– No Honour Among Thieves by Tris Ravens (Australia)
– Prince of Wallachia by SP Games (Moldova)
– Rising Noracam by Rusimitu Games ()
– Through the Nightmares by SandmanTeam (Ukraine)
– Until the Last Plane by Carlo (Italy)
– World Turtles by Re: cOg Mission (South Africa)
– Zack Escape by Juan Ruiz Portugal (Bolivia)