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Swedish developer Gaming Corps proudly presents Delicious, the Company’s first tailor made, exclusive iGaming product to reach the market. Delicious is a trotting themed casino slot inspired by legendary trotting horse Delicious U.S. The game has been developed exclusively for ATG® and is made available on ATG Casino.

On December 20th 2019, Gaming Corps and ATG announced an agreement whereby Gaming Corps would develop tailor made, exclusive casino slots on ATG’s behalf. It has since been the Company’s outspoken intent to further develop the business model and work to secure more individual deals of the same nature. The launch of Delicious marks Gaming Corps’ first tailor-made, exclusive iGaming product to reach the market. Board member Daniel Redén came up with the idea for the game, inspired by Delicious U.S., a trotting horse he trained during several successful years on the racetrack.

“It is with great pleasure that we present Delicious today. For Gaming Corps, it is a milestone to have developed our first tailor-made exclusive product. This journey has taught us much along the way, lessons which have already been valuable in the work of further developing this business model. I would like to thank ATG for great, straightforward collaboration, and our team for the dedicated work on developing this product. But above all, I want to thank board member Daniel Redén for his vision and drive. With a genuine passion for trotting and gaming, Daniel has managed to join his two worlds in an inspiring way, something which resulted in an exciting product.” says Juha Kauppinen, CEO.

The game design, artwork, animations, sound and mechanics of Delicious have been carefully developed to convey the experience of the trotting race track, inspired by its great namesake. Under the training of Daniel Redén, Delicious U.S. was one of the trotting world’s best mares over several years. Delicious U.S. won 29 out of 55 races and held a number of world records before finishing her career in 2017.

“Trotting, horses and animals have been, and always will be, my greatest interest and passion in life. Delicious was the turning point for me and my trotting career, she is more than just a horse; she has meant so much and taught me so much in ways that cannot be expressed in words. Had ATG not liked the idea, this product would never have reached the market as it is very important to me that the Delicious casino slot is only available on ATG. That I am passionate about trotting is not new, but through the collaboration with ATG my vision has been translated into something tangible which ensures that income from the game goes directly back to the sport of trotting. For me, it means a lot to be able to give something back to the sport that has given me everything. In addition, Delicious is a star who deserves to be made immortal, and with the help of this game we perpetuate her legacy in a new, innovative way. As a company, Gaming Corps demonstrates the ability to carry out tailor-made projects with an eye for detail. Trotting will continue to be an inspiration for me in my work at Gaming Corps, and I hope this game will spark an interest in the sport! Have a lot of fun playing and pay attention to the details.” says Daniel Redén, Board Member.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Trotting! Inspired by legendary horse Delicious, this trotting themed casino slot brings the joy and anticipation of the racetrack to your fingertips, exclusively on ATG Casino. Make it to the trotting race bonus game and race the horse of your choice to the finish line where prizes await. If fortune is on your side, you may be challenged by Delicious at the end of the race and collect a premium prize when reaching the goal. See you on the racetrack!


Casino slot played on a 3×5 grid with 20 paylines where design, music and sound effects emanate the feel of the trotting racetrack.

Bonus game in the form of a trotting race where the outcome determines the value of the prizes awarded the player at the finish line.

Potential challenge by Delicious during the bonus race with higher value prizes awaiting the champion.

Free spin mode triggered with 10 free spins awarded when 3 Golden Cups land on the reels.spelplanen.


Delicious U.S. is a unique horse, successful against all odds on the racetrack and was one of the trotting world’s best mares over several years. A fan favourite in Sweden, she won 29 out of 55 races during her career and held a number of world records before retiring in 2017. Delicious garnered attention for her remarkable technique and for being so small in size and yet so successful.