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Gaming and geek culture website FandomSpot has launched a competition to find the best home gaming setup — from the glitziest, the most creative, to the sleekest style.

  • Entrants have the chance to win a gaming voucher worth $250 (or £ equivalent*) for the platform of their choice

  • Any gamer from the UK or US is invited to enter and share with FandomSpot their gaming setup

For dedicated gamers, spending hours at a time sitting playing video games is commonplace. Whether it’s streaming to a loyal audience, raiding into the early hours with the squad, or simply a means to unwind at the end of a busy day, many of us will happily whittle down the hours playing video games in the comfort of our home. This is why FandomSpot has launched a competition to reveal the best home gaming setup.

Alongside a passion for gaming, whether it be on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, or one of the plethora of retro consoles available from generations past, many gamers have a habit of pimping up their gaming setups to ensure their sessions are done in style and comfort.

From PC’s with elaborate lighting illuminating the desk in an orange hue, to ceiling mounted projectors broadcasting gameplay twenty-foot wide, FandomSpot wants to see where you do your gaming, and crown one lucky gamer the owner of The Best Gaming Setup.

It doesn’t matter if you have a custom, hand built desk, dual screens surrounded by Funko Pops, or even a gaming den hidden beneath the stairs; any gamer from the UK or US is invited to enter and share with FandomSpot their setup for the chance to take the title and win a gaming voucher to spend on console or PC.

The prize: The winning entrant will receive $250 (or £ equivalent*) of gaming vouchers for the platform of their choice (subject to availability).

To enter, simply click on the link below, submit a photo of your gaming setup and fill in a little information about yourself.

The competition closes on the 28th March 2021, so make sure you enter your gaming setup now if you want to be crowned the owner of The Best Gaming Setup.

*For circumstances where a UK resident is named winner, we will take the exchange rate value of $250, on the date the competition closes.

Alyssa Celatti at and video game expert comments:

“Every gamer is guilty of staying up way too late playing video games—even to the point where it’s affected our work or school—but whether we’re playing with our buddies or getting invested into an epic storyline, marathon gaming sessions wouldn’t be possible without a comfortable gaming setup.

“It doesn’t matter if you play at a desk with a mouse and keyboard, or sink back into a comfortable couch with a gamepad, we want to see everyone’s gaming setup and crown one as the best, rewarding the winner with a voucher they can redeem on even more games, and further excuses to stay in their epic setup!”

To view and enter the competition, visit FandomSpot.