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Inspired by the new Netflix Original, “Over the Moon”, Partner Israel has launched a new mixed reality Over the Moon game app, combining AR with the real physical world.

The new AR game, takes you on a fantastic experience where you can join Fei Fei, the hero from the Netflix Original, and build a rocket ship and fly it to the moon from your own living room! To succeed in the mission, you will have to collect all the rocket’s parts and add just the right amount of fireworks. Fei Fei, with the voice of Cathy Ang in the app’s English version and Noa Klein in the Hebrew version, will guide you through the adventure.

You can also create your own ‘Over the Moon’ setting with your favorite characters and objects, and integrate them in your surroundings.

The Over the Moon Game app was developed by the Israeli start-up Mixed Place, which specializes in developing technologies for building advanced mixed reality solutions.

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The start-up company Mixed Place, which specializes in developing technologies for Mixed Reality, made it possible to easily and quickly create three-dimensional objects – stationary or moving – and plant them accurately in open spaces, buildings, or anywhere in the world as shared content.
Mixed Place, founded by the serial entrepreneur Alon Melchner, registered multiple patents, some of which reflect significant breakthroughs in the field. Combining mixed reality with indoor & outdoor spaces, sync the content of the real world, TV content and any other smart device is just the first stage.