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Unigamer offers an unprecedented opportunity for Game Studios to advertise their latest games till the end of 2020.

Unigamer is excited to announce an opportunity for Game Studios to connect with gamers. As firm believers in supporting Game Studios through this challenging landscape, Unigamer is offering Game Studios the opportunity to advertise their games through the Unigamer platform entirely free of cost. The platform announces the decision to encourage Game Studios and provide them with support during the COVID 19 Pandemic. The company strongly advocates the importance of pushing forward content creators in this challenging time

With a global outreach among gamers, the platform offers the perfect opportunity for Game Studios to push their products forward directly to avid gamers. The platform is a leading avenue for gamers across the world to interact and experience personalised content.

The Marketing Director for Unigamer, Francieli Carra, expressed excitement about the prospects of collaborating with Game Studios to bring forward new content for users of the platform. “ We are really excited to bring exciting new content for the users of Unigamer. Collaborating with Game Studios is a major part of our efforts to increase the diversity of gaming content our users have access to. We are confident this move will allow gamers to explore new quality content and expand their gaming experiences.”

“We understand how the recent COVID 19 landscape has made it difficult for Game Studios to promote their titles to gamers. That is why we wanted to offer free advertising slots to game developers to make sure that they had the right avenue to promote their games without worrying about the associated costs. The Game Studios have the ability to get featured on the main page banner and have exclusive content reviews to have increased exposure.”

Unigamer is a leading Gaming Social Platform providing authentic gaming content. With a global outreach and a passionate team, the platform is working towards expanding its outreach with leading Game Studios to improve the quality of content available for its users. The Platform was formed by a team of gamers that are passionate about gaming and presenting an authentic gaming experience. Further information is available at