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Gaming Americas Q3 Meetup: Gaming Insights with Segev LLP




The Gaming Americas Quarterly Meetups by Hipther Agency are designed to keep you up-to-date with what is fresh in the North American and Latin American gambling industry.

The meetups feature several panel discussions per region and topics that are joined by key industry experts, CEOs, C-Level Executives, Business Development Managers, and sometimes government officials/regulators.

The Gaming Americas Q3 Virtual Meetup that took place on September 13 presented an in-depth exploration of US gambling legislation, featuring the latest edition of the ‘Gaming Insights with Segev LLP’ and the ‘US Legislation Round-up’, while the last session delved into the world of AI and the challenges it poses in the iGaming sector.

Session 1: ‘Gaming Insights with Segev LLP’

Speaker: Negin Alavi, lawyer at Segev LLP 


Watch the Session on YouTube and HiptherTV!

Negin Alavi, a distinguished lawyer at Segev LLP, took the virtual stage during the ‘Gaming Insights with Segev LLP’ session, setting the tone for a captivating discussion on the evolving legal landscape of gaming and betting.

Kicking things off, Negin provided a brief overview of Segev LLP and its international operations spanning Canada, the United States, and China. This global presence underscores the firm’s commitment to addressing legal challenges and opportunities across borders. With this foundation in place, Negin delved into the heart of the matter: a comprehensive review of the current gaming and betting laws that shape the industry.

Intriguingly, Negin also explored the potential transformative effects of the proposed alterations outlined in Canadian Bill S-268. This bill, titled “An Act to Amend the Criminal Code and the Indian Act,” carries the promise of redefining the Canadian gaming and betting legal landscape.

Before delving into the legal intricacies, Negin took a moment to acknowledge the significance of her location. She presented her insights from Vancouver, situated on the unceded, ancestral, and traditional territory of the Musqueam Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations. This acknowledgment was twofold: a mark of respect for the indigenous peoples who steward these lands and a recognition that discussions about Canadian law, particularly those concerning indigenous peoples, are imbued with profound implications.

The current legal landscape in Canada revolves around the Criminal Code, the primary piece of legislation governing gaming and betting. Under this federal legislation, gaming and betting are generally illegal, with certain exceptions, notably lotteries. Negin emphasized that gaming, as defined by the Gambling Law, comprises three fundamental elements: consideration (the bet or wager of money), chance, and a prize. Even when games blend skill and chance, they are still categorized as games of chance in Canada.

Provinces possess the authority to enact gaming legislation within their borders, and even operate in partnership with offshore gaming operators, as seen in Ontario’s new iGaming regime. However, altering the Criminal Code, a federal statute, is beyond their unilateral reach. Despite this federal oversight, recent legal reforms have significantly shaped Canadian iGaming. Single-event sports betting became legal in August 2021, and Ontario launched its established iGaming Regime in April 2022.

Before these changes, Provinces were constrained to offering parlay betting, leaving offshore operators to fill the void in single-event (and live) betting. Now, with the legalization of single-event betting, any Province can oversee it. Ontario, being well-positioned, promptly launched its iGaming regime, now in competition with unregulated offshore offerings. This shift has allowed legally registered iGaming operators to provide their catalog to Ontario consumers, who spend nearly a billion CAD on online gambling. It’s a move toward embracing private operators rather than battling against them.

However, it’s essential to recognize the context: many Canadian companies were pioneers in the early days of iGaming, but due to regulatory limitations, they relocated offshore. These legal reforms may signal a return to Canada’s true potential in the iGaming sector.

The implications extend beyond economics. The Ontario Government stands to gain substantial tax revenues, which were once lost to unregulated operators. With these reforms in place, the iGaming industry in Canada is poised for better regulation, emphasizing consumer protection, responsible gaming, and job creation.


Turning our attention to the future, Negin provided a compelling overview of the impending changes in Canada’s legal landscape. At the forefront stands Bill S-268, poised to terminate provincial governments’ monopoly on lotteries.

To facilitate the discussion, Negin illuminated the legal distinction between indigenous peoples and First Nations. While indigenous peoples encompass all of Canada’s original peoples and their descendants, a First Nation is an officially recognized group under the Canadian Federal Government’s administrative unit, governed by the Indian Act. Importantly, Bill S-268 proposes to amend this very act.

The Indian Act, originally enacted in 1876, has a complex history marked by efforts to assimilate indigenous peoples and numerous discriminatory provisions. While some of these provisions have been removed, the act still wields a substantial influence over indigenous peoples’ lives today.

The proposed changes in Bill S-268 are ambitious and far-reaching. Its preamble is particularly noteworthy, as it outlines the legal foundation for these changes. Negin read the preamble aloud, emphasizing the recognition of indigenous and treaty rights, including their rights to regulate activities like gaming, betting, and lotteries on their lands.

This nuanced phrasing suggests that lawmakers are granting new rights to indigenous peoples while acknowledging that they already possess inherent treaty rights to oversee gaming, betting, and lotteries on their lands. The potential impact of this specific wording on Canada’s legal framework remains to be seen should Bill S-268 become law.

Moving on, Negin detailed the enforceable part of the bill, containing amendments that provide considerable flexibility to First Nations in managing lotteries. These amendments span charitable gaming licensing, fairs and exhibition gaming, amusement park lotteries, and the Terms & Conditions of licenses. In effect, these changes substantially narrow the scope of the current criminal code exceptions, representing a significant shift in Canada’s gaming laws. Importantly, it would mark the first time in Canadian gaming law that provincial governments would not need to be directly involved in for-profit gaming operations.

Summarizing, Negin pointed out the profound implications of this bill. If enacted, hundreds of First Nations could independently conduct and manage lotteries, each in accordance with their own laws. This change opens up a world of possibilities, not only in terms of revenue but also empowerment for indigenous peoples.

In conclusion, Bill S-268 stands as a transformative piece of legislation, promising to reshape the industry and empower indigenous communities. These discussions hold significance not just for the iGaming sector but for the broader Canadian legal landscape and its indigenous peoples.

As we eagerly await the unfolding of these legal developments, it’s clear that the gaming industry in North America is poised for significant changes, with potential benefits for all stakeholders.

Stay tuned for the next two insightful sessions of Gaming America Q3 Meetup, the US Legislation Round-up for Q3 and the hot AI issues in iGaming!

Watch the video of “Gaming Insights with Segev LLP” on YouTube & Hipther TV!

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Horseshoe Casino Baltimore Player Wins $1,017,041.32 Mega Royal Flush Progressive Jackpot



On Monday, Sept. 12, a Caesars Rewards® member at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore hit the jackpot when he struck the $1,017,041.32 Mega Royal Flush Progressive Jackpot. The outstanding prize represents the largest progressive jackpot paid out at the casino so far this year. The fortunate guest secured the amazing win with a remarkable Royal Flush of 10-J-Q-K-A. With Envy Bonsues, two additional table guests also emerged as winners.

“We are thrilled to make one of our guests an instant millionaire! The table games progressives at Horseshoe Baltimore are very popular and for good reason after Monday’s big win,“ said Horseshoe General Manager, Randy Conroy.

To be eligible for the Mega Jackpot, guests must try their luck on a progressive game including Four Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Mississippi Stud Poker, and Blazing 7’s Progressive located in each casino’s table games section.

For more information on Caesars Entertainment’s Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, visit caesars. com/horseshoe-baltimore

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Go Big or Go Home: High Roller Casino Bonus Canada Explained




Within the dynamic landscape of Canadian online casinos, high roller bonuses exemplify the adage, “Go Big or Go Home.” Crafted for players comfortable with substantial deposits, these bonuses elevate the gaming journey, offering the prospect of amplified winnings and an intensified online casino experience.

Understanding High Roller Casino Bonuses

High roller casino bonuses, often dubbed as ‘VIP rewards,’ are exclusive promotions tailored for players unafraid of wagering substantial amounts. These incentives, which can include extra cash or free spins, are directly linked to the magnitude of their deposits.

In the context of the Canadian online casino industry, the importance of these bonuses cannot be overstated. They wield immense influence in attracting and retaining high-value players, who significantly bolster the casino’s bottom line. By extending high-roller bonuses, casinos effectively motivate these individuals to maintain their patronage, fuelling the sector’s expansion and profitability.

From the player’s perspective, these bonuses open the door to the prospect of amplified winnings and an enriched gaming adventure. Gamblers can relish extended gameplay, explore exclusive titles, and even relish personalized assistance. Consequently, high-roller bonuses are pivotal in shaping the dynamics of the Canadian online casino arena.

High-roller casino bonuses forge a symbiotic relationship between casinos and their most daring patrons. This synergy is not only financially rewarding for both parties but also elevates the overall gaming experience, affirming the significance of these bonuses in the Canadian online casino landscape.

Unlocking the World of High Roller Casino Bonuses

High roller bonuses, those coveted incentives within the realm of online casinos, come in an array of forms, each bestowing its unique set of benefits. Let’s delve into the various types of these alluring bonuses that cater to the diverse tastes of high-stakes players.

  • Deposit Bonuses

This stands as the most prevalent form of high roller bonus. Casinos generously match a portion of the player’s deposit, with percentages ranging from 50% to a staggering 200% or more. 

  • Cashback Bonuses

In the world of high stakes, resilience is key. Some casinos extend cashback bonuses to their esteemed high rollers. It translates to a percentage of the player’s losses or deposits being thoughtfully returned to their coffers. As an example, consider a 20% cashback bonus. It graciously offers solace by refunding $200 to a player who may have faced a $1,000 loss.

  • Free Spins

High rollers with a penchant for spinning the slot machine reels are not left in the lurch. Free spins are often part and parcel of their bonus package. These free spins gift players the chance to revel in slot games without denting their pockets. It’s akin to a risk-free opportunity to secure tangible winnings.

  • Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty begets rewards. Players who exhibit steadfast allegiance to a casino, whether through regular gameplay or substantial deposits, are accorded exclusive loyalty bonuses. The perks span the gamut from free spins and deposit boosts to exclusive tokens of appreciation and coveted invitations to premier events.

  • No Deposit Bonuses

While relatively scarce, some casinos extend the olive branch to high rollers with enticing no-deposit bonuses. These bonuses grant players a treasure trove of free funds or spins upon mere registration, sans the need for an initial deposit.


Unlocking the Gateway to High Roller Casino Bonuses in Canada

Earning the coveted status of a high roller casino bonus Canada and unlocking the gateway to these exclusive casino bonuses entails satisfying specific casino criteria, a task that entails a blend of precision and perseverance:

  • Minimum Deposit

High roller bonuses in Canada beckon to those ready to invest significantly. The requisite minimum deposit surpasses standard bonus thresholds, making it imperative to wield financial prowess.

  • Wagering Demands

Betting milestones stand as part of the journey. Canadian casinos stipulate players must wager a substantial sum before reaping high roller casino bonus Canada rewards. For high rollers, the road to reward demands extra dedication.

  • Loyalty Ascension

Ascending the ladder of Canadian casino loyalty bestows privileges. High roller bonuses in Canada often materialize exclusively for those who’ve attained coveted status through consistent gameplay and substantial deposits.

  • Bonus Codes

Hidden keys to high roller casino bonus Canada treasures, bonus codes unlock exclusive benefits. Prospective recipients must adeptly input these codes during the deposit process to access the rewards.

  • Game Gauntlet

Not all Canadian games march towards bonus fulfilment. Players must navigate restrictions and choose eligible games wisely to meet wagering prerequisites.

Selecting the Optimal High Roller Bonus

Choosing the most suitable high roller bonus necessitates a methodical approach to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your gaming proclivities and objectives. Here are pivotal tips and factors for contemplation when making this consequential decision:

  • Scrutinize the Offer

Initiate the selection process by thoroughly assessing the bonus proposition itself. Methodically examine the bonus quantum, percentage, and any supplementary advantages such as complimentary spins or cashback. Strive to strike a harmonious equilibrium between an enticing offer and manageable wagering prerequisites.

  • Wagering Prerequisites

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of wagering prerequisites, a pivotal determinant. Elaborate bonuses often accompany more rigorous playthrough obligations. Ensure that these stipulations are realistically attainable within the confines of your gaming approach and financial means.

  • Game Eligibility

Distinct games contribute disparately to the fulfilment of wagering prerequisites. Ascertain whether your favoured games are considered eligible and discern their respective weightage. Certain bonuses may impose constraints on particular games or extend reduced contributions.

  • Deposit Magnitude

The bonus percentage may fluctuate contingent on the magnitude of your initial deposit. Calculate the sum you are comfortable committing to ascertain an efficient leverage of the bonus.

  • Loyalty Program Synergy

Gauge the synergy between your high roller status and the casino’s loyalty program. Certain establishments furnish exclusive advantages and expedited reward progression for VIP participants.

  • Bonus Activation Codes

Verify whether the bonus activation necessitates a specific code. Neglecting this imperative step may culminate in the forfeiture of the bonus.

  • Temporal Constraints

Prudent consideration of the bonus’s duration is imperative. Ensure an ample timeframe for the fulfilment of wagering requisites, circumventing any undue haste.

  • Repute and Integrity

Delve into the casino’s reputation and credibility. Peruse reviews, verify licensing credentials, and solicit insights from fellow players to substantiate the casino’s standing.

  • Support Infrastructure

Contemplate the quality of the casino’s customer support. High roller status may occasionally necessitate prompt assistance; hence, a responsive support framework is indispensable.

  • Personal Preferences

Conclusively, align your selection with your distinctive gaming inclinations and proclivities. Opt for a bonus that harmonizes seamlessly with your preferred gaming genre and strategic approach.


Final Thoughts

The process of choosing the optimal high-roller bonus within the Canadian online casino landscape necessitates a systematic and informed approach. Key considerations encompass a comprehensive evaluation of bonus propositions, a meticulous comprehension of wagering prerequisites, contemplation of game eligibility, and an assessment of the synergy with loyalty programs. By carefully analysing these facets, high rollers can make judicious selections that not only elevate their gaming experience but also optimize their potential for substantial winnings.

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PointsBet Canada Renews The Sweep 16 Bracket Challenge with Spotlight Sports Group Ahead of Second Annual PointsBet Invitational Curling Tournament




Spotlight Sports Group (SSG), a world-leading technology, content and media company specializing in sports betting and fantasy sports, announced that it has built a fully-managed bracket challenge for PointsBet Canada to support its second annual curling tournament.

This partnership follows a successful execution of The Sweep 16 bracket challenge last year, which was well received and saw thousands of participants. This year’s platform has been updated to include new features such as allowing users to create private groups for additional play and enjoyment. This year’s bracket challenge also debuts one-click buttons that promote community connectivity and allow users to share their bracket on any social media platform.

The bracket challenge is hosted on a stand-alone platform and was built with a direct connection to the PointsBet Canada sportsbook so bracket challenge participants can easily place bets on the PointsBet Invitational as well as other sports.

Like last year, participants are competing for a $1 million grand prize, should they create a perfect bracket. The bracket challenge provides a one-stop-shop connection to the men’s and women’s tournaments via an up-to-the-minute tournament tracker that showcases match results in real time.

Commenting on the continued partnership, the US B2B Partnerships Senior Vice-President for Spotlight Sports Group, Rick Wolf, said: “When you have great success in a collaboration like we did last year, it was obvious to expand with PointsBet Canada. The SSG SaaS Games Engine is unique in its ability to create this custom solution with the design and direction of PointsBet’s team. The user experience is paramount and that is why we ensure participants can follow the tournament entirely on the platform and place bets with ease.”

The Chief Commercial Officer for PointsBet Canada, Nic Sulsky, added: “Last year’s inaugural PointsBet Invitational was a resounding success on the ice and The Sweep 16 bracket challenge brought the audience engagement to a new level. The top-notch SSG team manages everything from beginning to end, which allows us to focus on delivering the audience. Our combined success last year meant we could create a platform that mirrored our branding and provided a superior user experience again this year.”

The PointsBet Invitational will run from September 27 through October 1 at the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex in Oakville, Ontario. The Sweep 16 bracket challenge can be filled out at any point before the tournament begins.

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