Caleta Gaming has announced that its full game portfolio is online at Foliatti Casino, the first online casino from Mexican Group Foliatti.

Video bingos, video slots, kenos, lottos, and scratch cards provided by Caleta are already available to Foliatti Casino players, including popular titles like Bingo Trevo da Sorte, Banana Bingo, Torch of Fire, Cherry Cherry, and RCT – Halloween.

“I am very happy to realize this partnership. Foliatti is a truly important client for México and also for Latin América. Thank you to Andrés and Pamela for your trust,” Hugo Baungartner, Head of Sales at Caleta, said.

“We are interested in offering our customers a wide variety of games to meet all kinds of tastes. We are happy to be the pioneers in Mexico in offering Caleta games,” Pamela Loman, Director at Foliatti Online, said.