The Brazilian Government is aiming to accelerate legislation for casino resorts. The Executive Committee of Brazil’s Federal Senate has appointed Senator Veneziano Vital do Rego to represent the casino bill, which was first introduced last September.

The bill would allow one casino in each of Brazil’s 26 states with 35-year concessions. The gaming floor would occupy up to 10% of the buildings.

Operators would be selected based on a scoring system with 70% of points awarded for the quality of the project and 30% based on the value the operator would pay back to the government.

Operators must implement player protection and anti-money laundering measures including verifying the identity of customers who deposit or withdraw more than $1850 in a single day.

The bill is named the Adelson Bill after the late Sheldon Adelson, who lobbied for casino resorts in the nation of more than 210 million citizens.