Slots are a favorite for many fans of online casino games. Ever since the days when casinos were entirely ground-based, slots have been a top choice for many of the casino visitors. And in the current reality of online betting, slots are also very popular. New opportunities for players can be found in many online platforms, where users can discover some of the most popular and attractive free slots to play.

What do we need to know about online slots? How do they differ from the ones in the land- based casinos?

The principle is the same – the reels rotate, and the symbols must be arranged in a certain line or configuration to make a profit. As with the ground machines, many of the online versions have the ability to double the winnings at a given spin. Differences are found in the details and they are generally in favor of online slots.

More options and more winning lines

So we can summarize the main advantage of online  slots. The classic “one-armed bandit” in gaming halls usually consists of 3 reels, and the winning configuration is formed only if it falls on the central horizontal line. With online slots, there are many more options for players. Most games already have 4 or 5 reels, which somewhat reduces the chance of forming the desired combination.

But other chances open up and they are found in the so-called multiline slots /like 500 Juicy Fruits slot/. In these games there are more configurations that are taken into account when arranging the symbols. Online slots with 20, 40 or 100 lines – this is a real option for many titles in virtual gambling platforms. Some of the multiline machines have fixed lines, which means that each rotation activates the maximum number of combinations. In other slots it is possible to adjust the number of active lines for each move.

What do scatter and wild symbols mean?

Each slot has ordinary and special symbols. The former often use images of fruits or playing cards – ace, pop, queen, jack (A, K, Q, J). Depending on the theme of the game, a number of other options can be found. But when we talk about special symbols, we mean wild and scatter symbols. They can replace any other symbol and contribute to the formation of a winning combination. For example the wild symbol plays the role of a joker in some games.

As for the scatter symbol, it usually brings the highest return. If the relevant conditions are met, this symbol (or a combination of such symbols) unlocks bonus levels and leads to the jackpots. Sometimes a scatter symbol can bring really amazing rewards.

Otherwise, online slots can often be played just for fun. Many online casinos allow you to try out demos of different slots without betting real money. This is useful for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the specifics of a particular title, but without making real profits. But even this type of entertainment gives online slots an advantage over traditional options.


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