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Green Power HD is the newest games mix, part of the Power Series range, for which EGT Romania has just obtained the Type Approval. Along with this, the new multi-game is from now on available for orders together with the well-known EGT cabinets from General Series range.

Together with Purple Power HD and Fruits Power HD, the other two multi-games previously released by EGT, Green Power HD completes with its HD resolution EGT games the amazing Power Series collection supported by the powerful and ultra-performing Exciter III platform.

Designed in line with the top-notch trends in the gambling industry, having enhanced graphics and much more processing power than its predecessor, the current Exciter III platform provides higher system stability and maximum protection.

Power Series is the compilation with ones of the most beloved titles designed by EGT and EGT Multiplayer. It includes multiple and various slots and roulette games, Blackjack, Baccarat and Keno, all of them being available for players through those three collections that are part of it.