Twitch is one of the fastest growing streaming platforms and now boasts as many as 9.36M active streamers and a 7-day average of over 2.9M viewers. In fact, viewers have consumed over 110M hours of content on the platform since the start of 2021 with the vast majority of that being gaming content.

Whether it’s DOTA, Fortnite, Call of Duty, or casino games like poker and roulette, there are hundreds of channels streaming daily on the platform.

And with many of these channels and categories setting new records on a monthly basis, it’s little wonder that the platform has attracted the attention of digital and affiliate marketers.  

One of those categories to set three new records in the month of May is the slots category according to a new analysis of the slots category on Twitch.

  • Twitch slots streamers set a new record of 130,622 hours streamed in the Twitch Slots category — a jump of over 10,000 hours on the previous record.
  • There was an average of 47,421 viewers watching in the slots category — a significant increase on the 30,533 in April, and a lot more than there was for online poker on Twitch.
  • 204,468 was the highest number of viewers in the category at any one time.

Twitch Slots Streaming – May 2021

Some of the most notable statistics from the study include:

  • The slots category became the 13th most watched category on Twitch in May moving up 4 spots from April.
  • 6,438 streamers streamed slots on their channels during May. This marks a 19.6% increase on April’s figures.
  • The average number of channels streaming slots during May was 175.
  • ROSHTEIN streamed 388 hours to remain the category’s top streamer.
  • 7,694 was the lowest number of viewers — Wednesday 5th.
  • 263 was the highest number of channels streaming at one time — Friday the 7th.
  • 121 was the lowest number of channels streaming at one time — Monday the 3rd.
  • 49.32 was the lowest viewer to streamer ratio — Wednesday the 5th.
  • 1,215.93 was the highest viewer to streamer ratio — Monday the 24th.
  • 21,981 was the highest number of followers gained across the slots category — Sunday the 30th.

(Thanks to affiliate website for the analysis and graphics)


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