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Malta is contemplating the issuing of a fifth casino license. Malta currently has four casinos – Casino Malta, the Dragonara Casino, Oracle Casino and Portomaso Casino. A request for proposals (RFP) for a new casino is underway.

Malta published in the government’s official newspaper, the Malta Gazette, an RFP regarding a “concession to open and operate a casino in Malta.” The country’s Privatisation Unit (PU) is overseeing the process and all submissions must be made in public no later than noon on April 7. From now until then, several milestones are already in place to facilitate the process, including a cut-off date of March 1 for any requests for clarification on the RFP. Responses to those requests will be delivered no later than March 17, which will give candidates only about two weeks to make their final submissions.

The PU explains on its website, “The Privatisation Unit, acting on behalf of the Ministry for the Economy and Industry​, is hereby inviting Prospective Proponents to submit Proposals for the opening and operation of a casino in Malta. Prospective Proponents are reminded that for the opening and operation of a casino in Malta, the Successful Proponent must, in addition to holding the Concession, also hold a valid Casino Licence issued by the Authority in terms of the Gaming Authorisations Regulations.”

All proposals must come from companies that are established and registered in the European Economic Area and the entity that wins the concession must be fully-owned by that company. The casino will need to be built in a tourist area that has been designated as such by the Malta Tourism Authority, but two specific areas are off-limits. No casino will be allowed in either Gozo or Comino.