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Sports Data provider SportsModule and their subsidiary tournament organiser 247 Leagues have joined the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

Their membership highlights the 247 Leagues’ dedication to adopting and promoting ESIC’s Integrity Programme, to assist in the greater fight against cheating and corruption across esports competitions.

247 Leagues will integrate ESIC’s integrity codes and standards into its tournament operations, encouraging fair play and sporting integrity across the tournaments hosted on their platform.

“We are excited to welcome 247 Leagues as a member of ESIC. 247 Leagues’ commitment to ESIC is reflective of their pledge to maintain integrity in their esports operations. We believe it is important to collaborate with tournament operators such as 247 Leagues in order to facilitate the continual harmonisation of competitive integrity efforts in esports,” Ian Smith, Commissioner of ESIC, said.

“We are delighted to start a partnership with ESIC, which fits perfectly with our ambition to be a leading international eSports organiser with a trustworthy and transparent brand. 247 Leagues aims to cater perfectly to the high integrity requirements of all our customers. We welcome a more regulated esports market and see our membership with ESIC as vital in helping to support this process,” Robert Verschoyle, Founder at SportsModule, said.