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SQID Technologies Limited has entered into a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire 50% of ICON Esports Pty Ltd.

SQID has agreed to invest AUD 2,250,000 for a 50% equity interest (on a fully-diluted basis) in ICON. The investment is expected to be used to expand the sales and business development activity and to support growth.

Upon completion of the transaction, SQID intends to integrate its payment platform into the ICON platform forming a single unified solution for payments and marketing campaigns. SQID has an existing solution of APIs and software plugins for mobile applications and upon completion of the transaction, expects a relatively simple integration between the two platforms.

Pursuant to the LOI, in recognition of the management time and cost commitment with respect to the transaction, ICON has granted SQID a period of exclusivity for two months from the date of the LOI. In addition, upon completion of the Transaction, it is expected that two nominees from SQID and two nominees from ICON will comprise the board of directors of ICON.