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Lui Che Woo, Galaxy Entertainment Group Chairman, spelled out the company’s commitment to build an integrated resort in Japan. He said the company will be ready to adjust even if the Japanese government  brings in changes to the timeline of IR development.

Galaxy’s position in this regard is contrary to the common trend among the other bidders of the Japanese IR facility. For example, Las Vegas Sands has completely withdrawn from the race following a change in timeline.

He emphasized the company’s commitment: “We continue to make progress with our international expansion plans. We do acknowledge that timelines for Japan may be impacted by the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, however we can adjust accordingly and we remain committed to our Japan expansion plans. Our Japan based team continues with our Japan development efforts even as they deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

“We view Japan as a great long term growth opportunity that will complement our Macau operations and our other international expansion ambitions. GEG, together with Monte-Carlo SBM from the Principality of Monaco and our Japanese partners, look forward to bringing our brand of World Class IRs to Japan.”

Galaxy, a company that owns a policy of maintaining a strong liquidity policy , is a rare Macau operator that is withstanding the crisis induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.