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Revenue from online gaming has overtaken that from land-based outfits in Lithuania for for the first time in history. The Covid-19 pandemic has also brought about a 15.9% decline in overall gaming revenue as well. The country recorded an overall revenue of €43.8 million in the first half of the financial year.

The total amount wagered showed a 6.8% increase and touched €540 million during the period year on year. However, since a majority of the wagers were made online where the profit margins are thinner than that of land-based gaming, the gross gaming revenue (GGR) slipped.

Online stakes rose by 49.9% to €407.1million, bringing in revenue of €23.4million, an increase of 33.9%.

The category-wise revenue split up is given below:

  • Online Category A slots – €12 million, an increase of 86.8%
  • Online Category B slots – €570,000, an increase of 38.9%
  • Online table games – €359,000, an increase of 87.2%
  • Online sports betting – €10.4 million, a decrease of 0.1%
  • Land-based gaming – €20.4 million, a decrease of 41%
  • Land-based Category A slots – €3.8 million, a decrease of 34.6%
  • Land-based Category B slots – €9.2 million, a decrease of 40.3%
  • Land-based table games – €4.8 million, a decrease of 43.5%