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The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has expressed its support for in-play sports betting in Australia.

According to IBIA, lack of regulation for in-play sports betting in Australia is favouring offshore operators that pay no fees to the country.

Live sports betting is banned in Australia except in retail outlets and via telephone.

The Australian Sports Wagering Scheme (ASWS) is looking to establish a national framework to uphold sporting integrity, but has not included in-play betting in its proposal.

IBIA said in response: “The prohibition of in-play betting, along with a relatively burdensome fiscal framework for Australian betting operators, are key a drivers for consumer migration to offshore operators, notably in Asia.”

This body says regulating in-play betting form would addresses the issue of offshore unregulated gambling and also bring in tax money on gross gaming revenues.

It said: “The absence of an effective and coherent policy on in-play betting is detrimental to the regulated market. This creates a sizeable hole in any Australian integrity policy, be that at national or state and territory level. Similarly, racing makes up a large part of the betting industry and, if the Government is to assess and promote a national betting and integrity policy framework, that sport must surely form a central part of any related considerations and recommendations.

“In addition, whilst the move to a gross gambling revenue (GGR) tax in most states and territories is welcome, the impact of wider fiscal issues must be considered.”