The online gambling tax hikes in Denmark have led the operators to withdraw from their Danish-facing online gambling sites.

Gambling operator Betsson has published a notice on its site which said that the site is closed and that the customers would no longer be able to wager. However, the notice encouraged players to visit other sites operated by the company. The players seeking to withdraw funds have been asked to contact support.

Since the government has announced tax hikes for the Danish gambling industry, five betting companies have already pulled their products out of the Danish online gambling market.

Pontus Lindwall, CEO of the Stockholm-based Betsson, said that they are withdrawing due to the proposed tax hikes by the Danish gambling regulator. Betsson operates the BetSafe brand.

The gambling operators in Denmark also fear stricter gambling regulations as the gambling regulator has already called for stricter measures. Last week, the Danish gambling regulator published new responsible gambling guidelines for the gambling operators in the country.