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Why is iGaming one of the most promising niches for a job seeker today?



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As of 2023, gambling is considered one of the most popular areas of online marketing. All over the world, the attitude towards the vertical of gambling, as well as towards online casinos, is changing due to many factors, the most important of which is the recognition by many countries of the legality of this way of earning.

In this article, we’ll be discussing why working with a gambling vertical is so profitable and popular on the market. We’ll also discuss why you shouldn’t be afraid to try your hand at working with an online casino.

Online casinos emerge from the shadows

Today, more and more countries are inclined to believe that the legalisation of casinos is more beneficial for the economy than a complete ban. Shady gambling not only deprives players of the protection of the law and provokes the development of crime, but also deprives the treasury of additional income through tax deductions.


Therefore, even conservative countries such as Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, distinguished by historically strict morals, have adopted a law on the legalisation of online casinos as of 2022.

The following countries are where online casinos are not restricted by law:

  • Albania
  • Malta
  • Andorra
  • Faroe islands
  • Kosovo
  • Liechtenstein
  • Belarus
  • Isle of Man
  • Gibraltar

By 2020, the number of online casinos had grown from 45% to 60%, a number which, according to many forecasts, will continue to grow. This is due to the fact that it has become easier for operators to obtain a licence and play openly than to hide and constantly create new mirrors for the site. More importantly, it can now be done legally.

The popularity of gambling in numbers

The online casino market was formed 5 to 7 years ago and is considered one of the youngest areas of online marketing. According to, about 85% of American adults have played at online casinos at least once in their lives. Almost 26% (1.8 billion) of the world’s population gamble regularly, and roughly 5 billion do it at least once a year.


The 2021 report of the European Gambling and Betting Association states that almost 62% of Europeans have wagered on something during the year, the vast majority doing so at online casinos. In 2021 alone, online casino revenue in the United States amounted to $53 billion, once again proving the massive popularity of the gambling industry.

Gambling is popular not only in Europe, but also in African countries. South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are considered the market leaders on the continent.

Reports from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) show strong online engagement rates that have continued to rise since the pandemic. It was then that a sharp jump in the popularity of the industry as a whole was recorded. As of 2022, the European online gambling market was 67% of the global one.

According to The Gazette and The Herald, online gambling accounts for 38.8% ($3.4 million) of total gambling revenue in the country. This trend is closely related to the decrease in the popularity of land-based casinos and gambling establishments.


The profit from the online segment in 2021 exceeded $180 billion. Games with elements of augmented reality and improved graphics were especially popular. Advanced gamers trust operators more with the ability to replenish their personal account from the balance of a crypto wallet, proving that online casinos are developing in accordance with current market trends.

Reasons for the development and popularisation of gambling

  • Emergence of new regions available for work

Many online marketers contemplating trying their hand at online casino promotion have been intimidated by the amount of upfront costs to enter the vertical. Those regions where promotion is considered the most profitable are distinguished by high rates and, as a result, great competition. The legalisation of casinos in individual countries has provoked the emergence of new countries available for promotion.

Gambling payouts are not tied to the local currency, allowing you to earn money anywhere in the world. Simultaneously, a wide selection of countries and detailed analytics from partner networks help you master new regions and contribute to successful work with them.

  • The reality of winning

Contrary to the common misconception that the probability of winning in online slots is extremely small, licensed online casinos are distinguished by a high level of RTP – “return to the player”.

The RTP determines how many bets a player will need in order to return the initial budget in case of a long game. If the RTP is 100%, it means that the chances of winning are equal to the chances of losing funds. The average RTP of licensed online casinos fluctuates around 96% and drops below with rare exceptions.

  • Safe gambling

In countries where online casinos are legalised or partially legalised, a licence is required to conduct gambling activities. It allows special commissions to control gambling activities and protect the rights of players on an international level. Licensed online casinos are mistakenly considered as representatives of the grey market. Like any business, they are interested in their players being satisfied with the quality of the services provided, and are therefore focused on cooperation in the long term.

With the advent of legal online casinos, the term “responsible gambling” has become established. The concept of responsible gambling for online casinos means providing access to gambling, including interaction with regulatory authorities in resolving conflict situations. For players, this guarantees the conscientious fulfilment of the obligations undertaken to protect their rights on the part of the operator. In the event of situations that violate the principles of responsible gambling, the online casino licence may be revoked.

  • Access to stock exchanges

Every company seeks to attract investors to help develop their business, and the most profitable scaling option is the issuance of shares for circulation on the stock exchange. In the future, trading in brand shares will allow companies to attract the attention of investors and funds for further development.

The IPO process is quite financially expensive. However, with a successful placement of shares, organisations are attracting large sums that contribute to their rapid development in the market. Many casinos have successfully put into circulation the shares of their companies and are continuing to develop. The IPO once again emphasises the legal side of the gambling direction.

  • Growing interest in a merger from large corporations

This market development is also proven by the number of M&A transactions in the gambling segment.

At the beginning of 2022, experts said that, as interest rates rise and European economies deteriorate, M&A in the gambling industry would slow down. Today, however, we can see a continuous growth in the activity of these transactions.


The EY Global Consulting report of the first half of 2022 speaks about the sustainability of the global mergers and acquisitions market. Although peak transaction activity fell by 27%, compared to the same period in 2021, it still grew by 35% over the previous 2015-2019 cycle. As of September 2022, more than 2,274 transactions totaling about $2.02 trillion were concluded in the world. At the same time, the technology sector dominated by almost a third.

In early 2022, one of the world’s leading gaming companies, 888 Holdings, which includes brands such as 888, SI Sportsbook, and Mr Green, announced the closing of a deal to acquire William Hill’s non-US assets from Caesars Entertainment in the amount of €2.25 billion, an amount which is not considered a limit. In the middle of the year, the American company, Scientific Games (renamed Light & Wonder) completed the sale of its lottery business to Brookfield Business Partners for a whopping €5.7 billion. Such amounts indicate the scale of the direction, as well as the openness and legal side of doing business

Reasons for the development of gambling as a trend in online marketing

Another trend in the online casino market in 2022 was an increase in the average bet size. The increase in rates began during the pandemic, when the gambling industry experienced a sharp jump in popularity among players.

Despite the fact that the Coronavirus has disappeared from the media field, an increase in the average bet size is still observed today. The average remuneration has increased in direct proportion to the growth of rates. Given the fact that, when working with the gambling vertical, earnings directly depend on the amount of deposits of attracted users, this had a positive effect on the direction as a whole.

  • Development of mobile traffic

The development of mobile traffic has been occurring over the past decade. While the lion’s share of the market previously fell on PC users, and browser games confidently occupied the tops, today, more and more players are using mobile applications. There are now many applications for gadgets on the market that allow you to play wherever and whenever it suits you.

In 2020, about 55% of users used mobile devices to play games. Compared to previous years, the impact of mobile traffic on gambling is much stronger. There are new ways to promote applications and measure user behaviour to retain it.

  • Implementation of blockchain technologies

The introduction of cryptocurrency as an additional payment method has had a positive impact on increasing the level of attention to the industry from those who store funds in digital currency. The replenishment procedure is not subject to commission for withdrawal and replenishment of funds to the balance of the wallet, and also simplifies the process itself.

Many gamblers who kept their currency in crypto, or played in digital currency markets in addition to slots, now easily replenish their accounts at popular online casinos, which increases the overall amount of traffic. For affiliate marketing representatives, this is an additional trigger that can be used when building a promotion strategy.


The gambling industry continues to evolve. New GEOs, slots, promotion approaches, and even payment methods appear regularly. In addition, more and more countries are reviewing their gambling policies.

Today, gambling continues to occupy top positions among the areas of online marketing available for promotion. Contrary to the established opinion about the taboo of gambling, more and more countries are reviewing their policies and gradually introducing changes to the legislation, allowing players to spend time playing their favourite games without any interference. At the same time, representatives of the digital spheres are also reconsidering their views on the gambling vertical.

As a growing company, DUXGroup is always open for comments and ideas, and, with the rapid development within this gaming niche, we are always looking to add new team members. If you’re interested, go ahead and check out our current vacancies on our website. We hope we will soon have you on board!

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Golden Matrix Acquisition of MeridianBet Group Receives High Praise from IPO Edge



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Esteemed financial analysts at IPO Edge recognize the merged Golden Matrix and MeridianBet Group entity as a burgeoning global gaming leader with a promising financial outlook and innovation

Golden Matrix Group Incorporated (NASDAQ:GMGI) (Golden Matrix) and MeridianBet Group, the newly-consolidated entity in the online gaming world, are honored to receive positive analysis from IPO Edge, a leading portal known for its insightful and credible financial analyses.

The distinguished coverage highlighted the Golden Matrix acquisition of MeridianBet Group as having a significant potential to reshape the gaming landscape, focusing on the combined entity’s strategic positioning for expansive growth and technological innovation.


The entire analysis can be found at: https:/ /IPO-Edge. com/strike-gold-with-gmgi-and-meridianbets-global-gaming-powerhouse/

IPO Edge Insights

The recent article by IPO Edge analysts casts a spotlight on the strategic merits of the $300 million acquisition of MeridianBet Group by Golden Matrix. According to the portal, this bold move is poised to establish a global gaming juggernaut with projected sales reaching $182 million by 2025. The merger not only signifies a monumental leap in market expansion, spanning over 15 markets including Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia but also underscores the entity’s prowess in emerging markets such as Mexico, Tanzania and Peru.

A Story of Strategic Growth and Innovation

At the heart of the Golden Matrix acquisition of MeridianBet Group lies a shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction as the combined group owns a scalable tech platform that leverages machine learning for continuous improvement, alongside unique betting features like Empty Bet, which empowers players to craft their own bets. This synergy of technological advancement and market intelligence sets the stage for an unprecedented growth trajectory in the online gaming sector.


Financial Prudence and Future Prospects

Underscoring the merger’s financial strategy, IPO Edge commends the conservative financing approach, with an anticipated 2x leverage post-merger. This prudent fiscal management, coupled with the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Brian Goodman, enhances the company’s capacity for further strategic mergers and acquisitions.

The CSR Segment

The merger’s dedication to corporate social responsibility, with initiatives aimed at converting players into patrons of meaningful CSR programs, distinguishes it beyond financials and market expansion. This commitment reflects a broader vision of achieving profitability while fostering a positive social impact.

The Market Potential Not Yet Anticipated


As pointed out by this analysis, the market may not fully recognize Golden Matrix’s potential yet. The company’s enterprise value is close to $400 million. That compares with multiples of eight times for Caesar’s Entertainment and a whopping 22 times for DraftKings, according to Sentieo, an AI-enabled research platform.

For more information about the Golden Matrix, please visit https:/ /GoldenMatrix. com/company/ or https:/ /ir.MeridianBet. com/.

The post Golden Matrix Acquisition of MeridianBet Group Receives High Praise from IPO Edge appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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Real Dealer Studios: Offering a fresh spin on classic roulette



Reading Time: 4 minutes


Shane Cotter at Real Dealer Studios walks us through the groundbreaking new release, Volcano Roulette, and discusses whether classic table games need a makeover for today’s online audience.

Roulette is probably the most timeless casino game out there. Here’s what happened when we gave it a couple more balls. And a volcano.

The game we’re now launching is Volcano Roulette, and it’s fair to say that it’s a huge departure from what the industry is used to. The first thing players will see is the sleek, steampunk environment and a roulette wheel with that smoking volcano right in the middle. The game’s visuals, compared with typical RNG games, are several steps ahead thanks to the Cinematic RNG technology that Real Dealer invented. Essentially, this means the game was built on video that was produced the same way Hollywood films are made.


As cool as this game looks, it’s really the mechanics that set it apart. In every round, once the spin starts, one or two glowing lava balls can randomly shoot out of the volcano to become part of the action. These extra balls increase the chance of hitting a straight-up bet. If the player does land any straight-up bet, a special sequence starts where the numbers on the wheel shift, steampunk style, into multipliers. Then another lava ball erupts out to pick the multiplier for the straight-up bet win. These multipliers can be as much as 333x and apply to all straight up bets that land in the round. That means the player could win up to 999x their bet.

An eruption of innovation

What sparked this game’s theme is once again related to Cinematic RNG. We’ve got this amazing technology that gives us a huge amount of flexibility. It lets us make hyper-realistic looking games with any kind of action and put them in any setting we choose.

So one of our designers got the idea to have a roulette wheel where the numbers could drop down, shift, flip over and pop back up with different numbers, all of which would happen in an old-fashioned, mechanical looking way.

We were also having ongoing discussions about how to revamp the process of releasing the ball onto the table. And after a few sessions at the drawing board, we had the great idea of including a volcano.


Between the steaming volcano and the mechanical action of the changing numbers, the steampunk theme basically chose itself. Our 3D designers then set to work creating all the mechanical lightbulbs, cogs turning and all these different dials that give the game its character.

A degree of familiarity

Volcano Roulette is obviously a huge departure from what long-time players are used to. The challenge with revamping a classic is ensuring that when you innovate, you retain those elements of the game that the players love. That’s a balance that I believe Real Dealer Studios has managed to achieve.

That brings us to the question of whether online roulette needs a makeover. And the answer is both yes and no. As you can imagine, different players are after different experiences from the games that they play. Some prefer the classics while others want something completely new.

When this table game first moved into the digital space, it started off as a computer animation. It later improved, but still has that animated RNG feel. Later live games came in and have gained their own following. But for existing table game players used to that classic bricks-and-mortar casino feel or just looking for something higher quality, there was nothing out there.


Seeing this, we developed cinematic RNG to deliver a much better online experience, with enhanced audio-visual quality and heightened gameplay compared to other table games you find online. I wouldn’t call this a makeover – it’s getting back to what this game is all about and doing a better job of it in the online environment.

Of course, there are other players who are expecting new twists to the game. The key to catering to these different demands from players is to have an extensive portfolio that spans multiple themes and includes a range of features. Some might be done in classic style and include a dealer, others might be automatic and have multipliers.

Attracting new audiences

Where a full-fledged makeover becomes useful is when you’re trying to cross-sell table games to the larger pools of players coming from sportsbook and slots. The challenge here, however, is that each of these two demographics requires a completely unique approach.

To reach sports bettors, for example, we have created games that tie into real-world sporting events. Just last year, we had Hockey Fever Roulette which was launched for the Ice Hockey World Championship in May. The game was set in a man cave loaded with fan memorabilia and had rock music playing in the background. It was everything you would want in a hockey-themed game.


That was then followed by Rugby Fever Roulette, which was launched ahead of the Rugby World Cup. We wanted to make this game more personalised for each player, so we built a feature where players could choose between dealers and switch the visuals and thematics to match their favourite team.

Obviously, attracting new audiences was a major focus for these two games. But creating sports-themed titles also provided our operator partners with an opportunity to work our games into their event promotions. So, it had marketing benefits too.

Engaging with slots players is a completely different ballgame, however. Traditionally, there isn’t much cross-over between slots and table games. We therefore had to find a common ground between the two verticals. This is where slots-type features like multipliers, collect features and unique designs came into play. Cinematic RNG has really helped us here, letting us create some fantastic mechanics and immersive designs catering to the slots crowd.

Recently we took an even bolder step into the slots realm by partnering with the producers of an enormously popular slots title, 9 Masks of Fire. Our roulette version of the legendary game became an instant hit.

As 2024 progresses, we have plenty more titles in the pipeline which we are confident will offer a new spin on the classics and continue to drive engagement with players. Stay tuned!


The post Real Dealer Studios: Offering a fresh spin on classic roulette appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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Cheltenham and Grand National 2025 start now



Reading Time: 3 minutes


The madness of Cheltenham and Grand National has been and gone. Congratulations on surviving; you’ve made it through and live to fight another day. So, what’s top of the agenda for today? Preparation for the 2025 edition’s of the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National, of course!

Here are the six key planning and strategy points to consider in order to give yourself the best possible chance of success next spring.

The work begins now

Yes, Cheltenham 2025 is a long time away. But everything is fresh in your mind as of this moment. Many of the changes you may end up acting on could take a long time to execute, and there’s undoubtedly going to be countless foreseen and unforeseen priorities between now and the end of the year. Start now whilst 2024 performance is fresh in your mind and fresh within the wider business psyche. Keep the festival mindset running for as long as possible to maintain momentum and get flying out the stalls.


Involve all parts of the business

This is not just an exercise for the IT department. Every relevant stakeholder from around the business should be represented. What were customers saying to Customer Services? How did Trading cope when their bet tickers slowed down? What offers and promotions did Marketing take note of that they would like to offer next time? Bring in stakeholders from all business arms to create a holistic view of where the opportunities lie and what challenges need to be overcome.

Look at the data

Get hold of all of your performance metrics from every component of your systems and take the time to do a deep-dive analysis on those numbers. If you haven’t got all the metrics that you’d like to have to hand? Well, there’s your starting point for the list of ‘things to fix immediately’.

Be honest with yourselves

Getting business involvement, analysing all the data, and prompt planning is all well and good. But if you’re not going to be brutally honest with yourselves as an organisation, it may be all for nothing. Yes, it’s important to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and remember all the things that you did right. But you also have to be your own harshest critics about what didn’t go so well and what could be improved on. There’s really no point in doing all this if you’re not going to seriously challenge yourselves to do better.

Next year won’t be the same as this year

You’re going to be delivering a various new features and functionalities, as well as making many changes to your internal systems over the next twelve months. So the technical landscape that 2025’s Cheltenham Festival and Grand National inhabited will be very different to the one just gone. How will that fancy new bet builder widget in development hold up under the unique stresses of Grand National day? What will your new AI recommendations engine do when everyone’s betting on just one event? You don’t need to answer these questions right now, and it’s highly likely that you won’t be able to answer all of these questions now. But you need to bake in consideration of Cheltenham and Grand National to your non-functional requirements for every change you make in the coming months.

Get a high-level plan diarised

You need to start now but you can’t finish now. This is something you’re going to need to come back to periodically until those Cheltenham gates open. It’s a simple but powerful scheduling task: put the key staging posts in relevant team’s diaries now. You don’t want wake up in a cold sweat one morning in January realising that you’re two months out from the Greatest Show on Turf and haven’t made notable progress on the fixes required from this year’s festivals.



By: Graham Cassell, Partner at Circle Squared

The post Cheltenham and Grand National 2025 start now appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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