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The French gambling regulator has asked monopoly operator La Française des Jeux (FDJ) to come up with a new promotional strategy for 2023 after rejecting its original plans.

Autorité nationale des jeux (ANJ) said FDJ’s plans “cannot be regarded as sufficiently measured and limited” in relation to the advertising that a gambling monopoly can legally carry out.

Gambling operators in France must each year submit their advertising and promotional plans to the ANJ, which looks to prevent excessive or pathological gambling and the protection of minors among other priorities with its analysis.

The regulator said the country’s 17 online operators and two monopolies, FDJ and PMU, “have generally complied” with the regulations.

However, the ANJ noted that the two monopolies must have a “measured and limited” strategy because of their “specific status.”

The National Gaming Authority said FDJ had a “very large number” of large-scale promotional, institutional and sponsorship campaigns planned.

It said the plans would have conveyed the lottery as “a product of everyday consumption” through the use of influence, activating bonuses, bargains and slogans.

FDJ has one month at the latest to revise its plans.