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Harmen Brenninkmeijer appointed as Quanta CEO




Quanta’s board of directors is today pleased to announce the appointment, with immediate effect, of Harmen Brenninkmeijer as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Following the strategic review conducted by Dynamic Partners, the board were impressed with Harmen’s vision for Quanta’s future and subsequently made it their priority to secure Harmen’s commitment to lead Quanta through this period of change and onward through the company’s next period of evolution as a leader in the design and utilisation of blockchain to create gaming solutions that enhance potential whilst lessening barriers to entry.

Quanta stated, “Harmen is the ideal person to lead Quanta. He has significant experience in gaming as an operator and as a supplier and has a unique understanding of the challenges of all parts of the gaming business. He has worked in many countries and his network will help Quanta to expand its reach and establish new customers and partnerships in high growth markets. Harmen led the strategic review undertaken by Dynamic Partners and has made, and will implement, the recommendations resulting from the review. Harmen will focus on the stabilisation of the company, resetting the vision and the implementation of best practice across business development, product development, operations and management.”

“You can see from my track record that I have always had a great interest in emerging technologies in the gaming space. My feeling is that Quanta is the leading proponent in the development, operation and support of regulated gaming solutions that utilise blockchain. Our vision is to be the leader in this new space and to develop solutions that are low cost and so suit both highly competitive as well as emerging markets; are tech and currency agnostic to provide as broad coverage as possible; are decentralised where feasible to deliver transparency to the user and the regulator; and that are flexible enough to enable the discovery of new business models. I am hugely positive and excited about Quanta’s future,” said Harmen Brenninkmeijer.



About Harmen Brenninkmeijer:
Harmen has a long-standing track record in regulated gaming sectors across emerging markets with a reputation for innovation, introducing unique products and adopting new technologies. He has worked in over 70 countries actively supplying gaming equipment, advising and developing the gaming industry.
Before taking the CEO position at Quanta, Harmen formed the Global Chain in 2016, as a vehicle to establish equity projects. Whilst working with carefully selected partners, the Global Chain has established Dynamic Partners, an Asia-based consultancy providing core services to Global Chain’s equity projects and selected third parties including various blockchain-based ventures like D-Tech: a Hong Kong‑based game studio building games for Asian players, Woke: an innovative blockchain‑based gaming project, Digitote: a Sports Betting systems solutions company and another game aggregation team.
Prior to Global Chain, Harmen founded the Gaming Incubator which sourced and brought to market gaming products and platform innovations. He has also served as the SVP Strategic Markets for Inspired Gaming Group after he previously founded Octavian Global Technologies and turned that into a $90m public company within five years. Harmen also developed and managed several land-based casinos around the world. Other notable achievements include: the establishment of Avalon Casino Management, the company that set up the Playboy Casino in Rhodes. During 1991-1997, he established Mikohn’s gaming divisions in Europe, Africa and Japan (covering Asia) into a changemaker. From 1993 to 1997 he was also the founding and inaugural Chairman of the European Gaming Organization elected unanimously for 4 years.

Quanta is a pioneer in the development of blockchain solutions for gaming. In 2017, the company launched the first licensed blockchain lottery, fully utilising blockchain together with its NMI-certified random number generator, Randao, which is entirely built and operated on blockchain. Quanta’s utility token, QNTU trades on six renowned cryptocurrency exchanges including HitBTC and Bit-Z.


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Blockchain Launches a Fusion of Gaming and Investment Training


on, an innovative interactive trading simulator gaming universe, has officially launched. The dynamic trading platform offers users the chance to immerse themselves in a socially-driven game landscape while honing their investment and asset-trading skills. Since its initial release, has rapidly gained popularity, attracting over 15,000 users. stands out by utilizing real-time market data, allowing users to experience an immersive and realistic trading environment. Players can engage in trading activities that reflect live market conditions, providing a true-to-life simulation that enhances their learning experience.

In the universe, players are represented by customizable animated avatars. These avatars enable users to explore various cities within the platform, each offering unique challenges and opportunities. A significant feature is the ability to invest in virtual real estate across eight distinct regions, each with varying price points.

A core element of the experience is its tutorials, which are grounded in real-life trading scenarios. Users can choose to navigate these lessons with the guidance of a coach who is available to answer questions and provide step-by-step assistance.

Advertisement offers a broad selection of virtual assets for users to trade, including forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and futures. By trading these assets, players can gain practical experience and understand the intricacies of different investment vehicles.

The asset prices within the platform mirror actual market fluctuations, allowing traders to observe the impact of their decisions and adapt their strategies accordingly. Players can monitor their gains and losses through a comprehensive dashboard, providing a snapshot of their portfolio’s performance.

One of the platform’s most exciting features is the opportunity for players to engage in trading battles and tournaments against traders from around the world. These competitions not only elevate the excitement but also offer the chance to win real money, adding a tangible reward to the virtual trading experience.

The investment landscape is expanding rapidly, with the cryptocurrency market alone projected to grow to $13.18 billion by 2031. As more investors enter the market, aims to bridge the knowledge gap by educating users about various assets through an engaging, gamified approach. By participating in real-time trading and completing the tutorials, players can enter the investment space with confidence and competence. is available exclusively through its website, offering a unique and comprehensive trading simulator that combines education, competition, and community engagement.

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MultiversX Unveils Breakthrough In Blockchain Sharding; Enables Hyper-Scalability and Interoperability For Top Network



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MultiversX (EGLD), leading smart contract platform known for sharding, has announced the launch of Sovereign Chains, its breakthrough Blockchain-as-a-Service solution for the Web3 ecosystem. The new solution for layer 2s (L2s) inherits and extends further the outstanding capabilities provided by MultiversX, and offers developers a simplified setup process that only takes a few commands.

Beyond industry-leading performance and extended configurability, it also unlocks for the first time seamless interoperability for L2s built atop leading blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana, solving the issues around fragmentation and isolation. To encourage development on the new Sovereign Chains infrastructure SDK, MultiversX has additionally announced a US$1 million grant program for builders.

In a live demo of the platform’s capabilities, the first Sovereign Chain ever deployed reached a constant throughput of over 70,000 transactions per second. To put this in perspective, existing L2 solutions shifting to Sovereign Chains will be able to see their throughput increase up to 100X. Sovereign Chains make all these leaps in terms of hyper-scalability and interoperability possible with the unique cross-shard module MultiversX operates on, modified and improved for native cross-chain operations, as well as a new consensus mechanism, new execution models and significant VM improvements.

Speaking on the successful rollout of Sovereign Chains, Beniamin Mincu, Co-Founder and CEO of MultiversX, said, “The Web3 world is encumbered by fragmentation and siloed ecosystems that limit interoperability and suffer from scalability issues. Through Sovereign Chains, we have taken the core capabilities of the MultiversX network – scalability, usability and security – and extended them to create the first truly unified Web3 ecosystem in a developer-friendly interface.”


Developers can leverage the powerful Sovereign Chains’ stack to create customized private or public blockchains, with a maximum degree of flexibility. They have the possibility to set, for example, gas fees in the token of their choice and build using any virtual machine, including EVM and the MultiversX VM, to suit their needs. Sovereign Chains can communicate natively with each other without external bridges and their associated risks & complexity, thus being ideal for intuitive and secure solutions for diverse sectors, such as healthcare, education, government services, financial systems or supply chain management.

As one of the most robust blockchain architectures globally, MultiversX boasts an ecosystem of 8200 dApps, with a close-knit community of developers & users spanning 40 countries.

One such developer, Alex Jilavu, Co-Founder and Lead Developer at OneFinity Chain, expressed confidence in the potential of Sovereign Chains to streamline both the development process and adoption, adding, “As a builder, the task of building a project from the ground up is extremely demanding. Sovereign Chains provide the foundational strengths of MultiversX, giving us the room to focus on developing what’s important for our product.”

OneFinity is working on an EVM-compatible platform, looking to open the Sovereign Chains ecosystem to Ethereum users and developers. It joins other companies such as CyberNetwork (GameFi), and Pi Squared (ZK Tech), leveraging MultiversX’s network sharding technology.

In addition to enhancing performance across blockchain networks, Sovereign Chains further inherits MultiversX’s on-chain 2FA capabilities, offering one of the most powerful security layers for users in all of Web3.


The post MultiversX Unveils Breakthrough In Blockchain Sharding; Enables Hyper-Scalability and Interoperability For Top Network appeared first on European Gaming Industry News.

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Rivalry Expands Crypto Native Experience With Token Launch in H2 2024, Web3 Product Enhancements





Blockchain-Based Product to Position Rivalry Within Fast-Growing Crypto Gambling Segment, Drive Product-Market Fit Among Digitally Native Bettors with Increased Functionality and User Experiences

Rivalry, the leading sportsbook and iGaming operator for Gen Z, revealed Rivalry Token, a native crypto token on the blockchain to add increased functionality, economics, and user experiences across the company’s product suite, continuing Rivalry’s track record of innovation in online betting. The launch of Rivalry Token, anticipated to arrive in H2 2024, represents one of several forthcoming initiatives to position Rivalry in the crypto gambling market and better serve its core audience of 30-and-under bettors.

“Online gambling is the latest web-based consumer category being increasingly disrupted by blockchain technologies with greater speed, access, and functionality than their legacy counterparts,” said Steven Salz, Co-Founder and CEO, Rivalry. “Tech-savvy bettors are leading a behavioral shift towards more experiential and crypto-enabled gambling experiences that are taking wallet share from incumbents at an accelerated rate.”

“Rivalry is well-positioned to access the growth opportunity in crypto with a proven product set, a brand entrenched in internet culture, and a captive audience of digitally native users that are driving this economic renaissance,” Salz added. “The launch of Rivalry Token, alongside a broader expansion into cryptocurrencies, strengthens our product-market fit among an under-30 audience and positions us competitively to capture a meaningful share of this fast-growing segment of the market.”


Rivalry Token will be integrated within Rivalry’s product suite – from sportsbook to casino and more – with built-in properties to enhance the customer experience from end-to-end. Users can earn tokens through site activity such as betting and referring friends, which can be used on Rivalry to boost odds, participate in jackpots, and more to be detailed in the future. Rivalry Token will also be available on several to-be-announced crypto exchange platforms, trading under $RVLRY.

Rivalry Token creates a new dynamic relationship between player and house where every sports wager and casino spin, win or lose, is rewarded with a decentralized asset that can accrue value alongside player activity on Rivalry. The company expects its token will drive a meaningful increase in player engagement, loyalty, and advocacy by establishing more positive economic alignment and enabling customers to actively participate in product success.

Rivalry has today launched a pre-farming campaign where users can begin accumulating an interim currency through site activity and eventually social media which will be converted into Rivalry Token during the token generation event in H2 2024. Additionally, tokens will be distributed to all Rivalry accounts based on historical activity, rewarding loyal customers and creating a substantial reactivation opportunity for churned users.

Rivalry will also soon be adding greater support for other cryptocurrencies on its platform, allowing users to more easily bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other major cryptocurrencies. This will enable Rivalry to access a fast-growing audience gambling with crypto that is estimated to account for up to one quarter of global betting handle.

Following the official launch, Rivalry Token will be available for players to use on Rivalry in all of the company’s active markets excluding Ontario and Australia.


The company will release more information about Rivalry Token throughout the coming months, including commercial partners, token economics, and more.

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