INTRALOT announces the closing of the purchase by its wholly owned Dutch subsidiary “Intralot Global Holdings B.V.” (IGH) of 33,227,256 ordinary shares (or 33.23%) in “Intralot US Securities B.V.” from their current holders for a price of €3.65 per share (ie. €121,279,484.40 in total). “Intralot US Securities B.V.” holds indirectly 100% of the shares of “Intralot, Inc.” a US (Georgia) corporation. The remaining 1,043,424 shares (or 1.04%) of “Intralot US Securities B.V.” that are not already owned by IGH will be acquired by IGH for the same price per share pursuant to the “drag-along” provisions of the Joint Venture Agreement in effect since Aug 3, 2021, in the following days, bringing the controlling share of the Intralot Group in “Intralot Inc.” to 100%.

The funds for the transaction were raised by a share capital increase via rights issue by INTRALOT, a listed company on the Athens Stock Exchange, completed on July 25, 2022, according to the provisions of the Prospectus published on June 24, 2022.