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Explore gorgeous landscapes, tame ferocious alien beasts, craft your own spaceship, and learn to survive on this faraway planet in Lost Away, Step2Games’ second major title available to wishlist today!

Step2Games are pleased to reveal their second major project, Lost Away, the first-person extraplanetary exploration survival game, with a new cinematic and gameplay trailer watchable here. The title is also officially available for wishlisting on Steam for PC from today, here.

Set in a faraway, hostile yet beautiful planet outside of our solar system, players will find themselves waking up the lone survivors of an abandoned spaceship crash, where they will be quickly forced to scramble for breathable air, resources, and building materials. With a broken radio, inhabitable conditions, and the ship blown to pieces, the colony decides not to send for help, leaving the player alone. Now they must figure out what went wrong, explore this massive world, and survive hoping to see Planet Earth once more.

Only moments into the Lost Away experience players are handed their first task, finding a source of oxygen amongst the planet’s unfamiliar plants and shrubberies. Once vital signs settle, however, the dangerous life or death mission for long-term survival really kicks in – Explore this vast world in search of answers, meet friendly creatures, find edible food and build weapons and shelter in hopes to survive the night.

Instincts will be put to the test as explorers wander through previously uncharted territories. Use tools and technology intelligently to guide the way. Remember to watch your back – cross paths with the wrong beast and you’ll end up becoming their dinner.

“We’ve been working hard to create the right team with the aim to push independent video game development and publishing towards a new dimension” Said Mike Jadore, Creative Manager at S2 Games. “Announcing the Lost Away project is another step in showcasing our commitment to the gaming industry. We’re eager to hear gamers’ feedback and we can’t wait to reveal all that’s on the way”.


Key Features:

  • Try to Breathe! Use the planet’s resources in an attempt to find breathable air. Find temporary relief from oxygen supplying creatures crawling the rich world. Keep them close now and as you continue exploring, as each one only carries a limited amount.
  • Scavenge, harvest and rebuild. Left only with a hammer and plasma tool, the player must harvest resources after the crash landing, scavenge through parts of the ship and the surrounding areas. Items must be used wisely however, as their limited durability can quickly bring a lost astronaut back to the stone age.
  • Nobody likes to sleep in the dark. You have oxygen and supplies, now you need shelter! Save up your resources to build yourself a house and establish a permanent base of operations.  Start work on restoring your crashed ship with hopes to get back in contact with humanity.
  • Explore an uncharted world full of unfamiliar flora and fauna. Harvest plants to learn their uses and encounter wild alien beasts, remaining prepared to be devoured or, if in luck, make yourself a new friend. Remember, dangerous predator beasts are few and far between but even one encounter can prove fatal…