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Chasing Poker Greatness has announced that it has officially launched its first live cash poker course known as Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp. Chasing Poker Greatness is a well-known online poker website that publishes poker podcasts, sells online poker courses, offers private poker coaching, produces poker training videos, and runs a coaching-for-profit (CFP) poker stable (the CPG Wolves). Previously, Chasing Poker Greatness focused solely on online poker, but now it is offering customers a course specialized for “IRL” live cash games.

With live poker continuing to grow post-pandemic, helped in large part by the explosion of poker livestreams and poker vloggers, Chasing Poker Greatness has armed its students with highly advanced – yet still accessible – preflop knowledge and strategy optimized to crush the competition in live cash poker games. Whether it’s in a casino or a home game, Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp offers preflop ranges to form a solid foundation for virtually every hand in every configuration that a student could play. The course has learning modules that deep dive into strategy against not only “Regs” (advanced players), but also “Fish” (novice players), so that students are primed for profit for whoever they face on the felt.