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Nearly everyone knows the term “one-armed bandit”. Even if you have never been to any casino in your whole life, neither virtual one or land-based, you surely have heard that popular name of gaming machines. However, online gambling games have changed completely through history. We are speaking not only about the gameplay or mechanics but also about the graphics and all the visual aspects of the game. You cannot play with legendary “one arm” through the Web!

The number of media available to take part in gambling grows every year. It has started with personal computers and laptops, now you can use your mobile phone! All that counts is an Internet connection. It does not even have to be fast!

Gaming slots before the First World War

The idea of the first fruit-themed gaming machine was created in the 90s’ of the XIX century in the United States of America. The slot we are talking about included 5 reels and 50 spots with fruit symbols. What is more, the machine did not have an automatic system presenting the award. When winning, you could get some beer or cigarettes for that!

The first fully automatic gaming machine was invented just before the start of the XX century. It contained three reels, five symbols on each one. The highest prize was astonishing… 50 cents! You could get that fortune for drawing three symbols of historical Liberty Bell, which you can see in Philadelphia’s museum now.

Gaming machines – from the TV straight to your mobile

The first electromechanical gaming machine was created exactly in 1964. It could payout to 500 coins at a time! Gamers were thrilled, but the real revolution in the world of gambling came nearly 13 years later, in 1978. In that year players in a famous Las Vegas could try their luck on the first video slot. What is more, this machine had a giant, 19-inch color monitor!

The next big step in the history of gambling was creating the first online gaming machines. It happened in the middle of the 90s, XX century. The first web casino ever fast found out, that people seek for internet versions of classic “One-armed bandits” and started bringing this type of machines to their services. With years passing gamers could see great development of games themselves, but also the graphics and even soundtracks!

Today gamers can choose from a great variety of games, including famous fruit-themed classics or their upgraded versions, just like popular ones offered on We can always try our luck playing completely new, themed gaming machines with an innovatory number of reels and symbols.

The possibilities are endless, awards are amazing, but you always need to be careful. Remember, that gambling machines online are still about real money, so you should be aware and choose only the best, secure slots from checked providers. Good developers should allow you not only to play for real money but also to limit your casino activity on demand. You should consider using that feature when you are out of luck and you feel, that you are losing a little bit too much.