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The German Commission for the Protection of Young People in the Media (Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz – KJM) has approved HooYu as a suitable age verification system.

The KJM offers providers legal certainty by reviewing concepts and systems to check that they meet the technical requirements to satisfactorily perform age verification which enables ID document validation and identification by means of an automated process involving the comparison of biometric data.

“As gaming operators embrace the new German regulatory regime, they are looking to age verification systems approved by the KJM. At the same time, operators want a customer sign-up process that makes it easy and convenient for the user to go through the age verification process. The HooYu digital KYC journey does just that, it solves both sides of the equation – what the regulator is looking for and that smooth sign-up experience that gaming operators want to provide to their users,” David Pope, Marketing Director of HooYu, said.