Today Hi-Rez, the acclaimed developer and publisher behind free-to-play hits SMITE, Paladins and Rogue Company, unveils a brand-new corporate identity which highlights the company’s efforts to unite competitive gamers in strong, welcoming communities.

Founded in 2005, Hi-Rez is a pioneer in the games-as-a-service space, offering free-to-play hits across consoles and PC platforms.

The company’s new slogan “Victory. Together” highlights the core objective of the company: to deliver games that offer the thrill of victory, and to build welcoming communities around those games. That is why every game in the Hi-Rez line-up is free-to-play, supports different game modes for different skill levels, includes characters that are representative of the whole of society and supports crossplay functionality so that regardless of what platform you game on, you and your friends can play together.

The new logo references Bellona, the flagship character from SMITE – Hi-Rez’s incredibly popular multiplayer online battle arena. Bellona’s flag is a rallying cry for her whole team, providing a focal point for their efforts whilst strengthening nearby allies.

“Bringing gamers together regardless of income or platform has always been at the heart of Hi-Rez”, says Stew Chisam, CEO of Hi-Rez. “With this new branding and tagline, we’re clearly and confidently communicating this vision to our fans and the wider community. Hi-Rez has welcomed over 100 million gamers since launching in 2005. With this renewed sense of purpose we can’t wait to welcome many more for years to come”.

In addition, the transformation into Hi-Rez (dropping the ‘Studios’ moniker) acknowledges Hi-Rez’ transition into a publishing organization, which has allowed its member studios—Titan Forge Games, Evil Mojo Games, First Watch Games, and Red Beard Games—to focus entirely on game development.


For additional information, or if you would like an interview with Hi-Rez, please contact:

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