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We are Betinvest: The talent behind the technology



In this photo: Betinvest COO, Max Dubossarsky


Speaking ahead of ICE 2020, Betinvest COO Max Dubossarsky outlined the company’s plan to launch We are Betinvest, a project which sheds light on the teams of people behind the brand.


What has inspired Betinvest to share the stories of its team members and their many different areas of specialization?

For over 20 years of working in the industry, we have always found that our most valued resource is our team. It is thanks to their professionalism and talent that new products and solutions are created, and different ways to promote our services are developed. It is our employees who are changing the industry with their day-to-day work. And the result of their hard work is reflected in the high market value of our product, the reputation of the company, and the loyalty of our clients. Our team is the main driving force behind the business.


Because we are striving to develop the industry as a whole, we have decided to speak openly about the internal workings of our business. And so, the aim of our project We are Betinvest is to introduce you to the different departments within the company, in terms of the professional and personal qualities of our employees alike. We believe that this will broaden understanding of the complex internal processes of our business: at what stage of a project are different teams involved, what issues do they deal with, and what is their overall contribution? With this project, we hope to raise awareness of all the job descriptions in the gambling industry amongst our followers on social media and show them that Betinvest is all of us, and each and every one of us.


Where can we follow these stories and how will you share them? Can you tell us which department will be first up?

The We are Betinvest project will be launched in February, straight after ICE London, and can be followed on our official Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Every team of specialists will be featured in the publication series, starting with an introduction to the team at the very heart of our sports betting business: the traders. We hope that readers will find this interesting and informative.

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How important is it that companies hire candidates who are the right fit for the team?

Of course, it’s very important that everyone fits in, and does what they do best and what they’re passionate about. So, as well as having a thorough selection process, we do our best not to lose our professionals when they decide they want a change of direction: we help them do so within the company. Each of our employees is able to develop not just within their own job role, but also to change specializations and departments.

In terms of recruitment, let’s take as an example our team of traders. We have a special training program and system of career progression within the company for new employees. But from the outset, potential traders must have a good working knowledge of maths and the theory of probability, and they need to enjoy sport and have a deep understanding of certain sports in particular. When part of an experienced team, all of this knowledge will be transformed into a professional skillset. But in this line of work, a love of sport is a real necessity.

Each and every one of our employees is valued, not just as professionals in their area and as individuals, but as members of the team. That’s why it’s also important to us that new employees become part of the Betinvest family, share our values and corporate culture, and stay with us for as long as possible.



What does Betinvest do to cultivate a productive environment to allow its talented specialists to thrive?

A large part of our lives is spent at work, and we understand the importance of corporate culture, and an office environment that facilitates productive work and recreation. I also mentioned earlier that we always listen to our team’s wishes to learn and develop, and we provide opportunities for them to fulfil their potential in a variety of projects within the company. This has a direct effect on satisfaction levels.

Studies have shown that people are more productive at work and take their work more seriously if they get on well with their colleagues. We facilitate this by organizing team building events – both for department teams and interdepartmental. Friendly relations within a company break down barriers, increase efficiency, and make our time at work more enjoyable.

An important part of the work carried out by our HR department is the professional development of our team. So, as well as employee benefits which include insurance and access to a gym, we offer our employees extra training through professional courses, workshops, and training sessions.


And, of course, we make sure the office has everything it needs so that it is both a comfortable working environment and well suited for recreational time.


Can you define the Betinvest culture in less than 140 characters? How does this translate to a top-quality product and service for clients?

We place great importance on values such as flexibility, openness, innovation, and professionalism.

This is reflected in and defines our products and services. With our experience in the industry and the range of sports betting solutions we offer, we are a single entry point into the gaming industry for our clients.

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Safe Use Of Cryptocurrency For E-gambling



Reading Time: 3 minutes


The e-sports are at a boom across the world. While people worldwide are getting to e-sports, many want to bet on these. E-sports betting is possible with cryptocurrencies as well! But how? Is it safe to use cryptocurrency for e-sports gambling? How can you avoid crypto wallet and transaction scams? Let’s explore the world of e-betting with cryptocurrency and help you with all your doubts.

Is cryptocurrency safe to use for e-betting?

You can refer to as a platform where you can find brands that use cryptocurrency for e-betting. Here are the reasons:

  • Security: Blockchain forms the foundation of cryptocurrency, providing top-notch transaction security. You can’t mess with crypto bets at all — blockchain’s see-through nature and spread-out structure ensure that! The transparent decentralized blockchain setup has a huge impact on keeping cryptocurrency wagers tamper-proof.
  • Privacy: Cryptocurrency gives users more privacy than regular money transfers and is quicker, too. When you bet online, crypto deposits and withdrawals beat old-school bank transfers hands down, they’re way faster. 
  • Faster transactions: Crypto transfers beat old-school bank methods hands down when it comes to speed. Players can deposit and cash out from betting sites much quicker using digital currencies. 

Cryptocurrency e-betting is a secure option due to its use of blockchain technology. You can place bets, move money in and out, and enjoy e-betting thrills without much worry. However, using crypto for e-betting does have some drawbacks too. Some of them are:

  • Volatility of the cryptocurrency: Crypto prices often fluctuate. Your bet’s value can shift fast, affecting how much you might win or lose. 
  • Security risks: While cryptocurrency itself is safe, if a secure wallet or exchange is not used, you might get scammed. 
  • Rules and regulations: Regions around the globe have different rules and regulations for cryptocurrencies. You have to ensure that you choose the legal cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges in your region.

While these cons can be daunting, there is a solution to everything. You can enjoy the excitement of online betting without stressing over crypto price swings and safety issues. Let’s explore how.

How Can You Safeguard Yourself Against Cryptocurrency Wallet And Exchange Scams?

Even though cryptocurrency is safe to use for e-betting, you still can land into a scam. Here’s how you can safeguard yourself from cryptocurrency wallet and exchange scams:

  • Stick to reliable crypto platforms for trading and storage. Avoid sketchy wallets that might turn out to be cons. Exodus, Coinbase, and CoPay rank among the top trusted options for buying, selling, and keeping your digital coins safe. These reputable services have a proven track record in handling cryptocurrency transactions. 
  • Use 2FA methods, such as a code sent to your phone or an authenticator app, to safeguard your wallet. This adds an extra layer of protection above the passwords. 
  • Keep your private keys private! Don’t share them with the wallet or exchange’s customer support. If someone asks you for the private key, it is potentially a scam.
  • Do not click on suspicious links or attachments sent via mail. They can be phishing attacks that the scammers use to scam you. 
  • Keep updating your software. Software updates also roll out security updates, which can provide extra protection for your account. 
  • There’s nothing like ‘Get Rick Quick’ in e-betting. If something is sounding too good, it’s too good to be true. Don’t fall for such traps. 

Cryptocurrency betting reshapes the betting world, and fraudsters push boundaries to break in. You must maximize your wagers and dodge the cons. The responsibility falls on you to make smart bets and protect yourself from tricksters. Scammers show they’ll do anything to cheat the system. It’s crucial to stay alert and get the most from your bets while avoiding scams. 

How To Protect Yourself From The Volatility Of Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile! You can protect yourself from the volatility by diversifying your crypto portfolio. Also, every e-sports betting platform might not be accepting each cryptocurrency. Some might be accepting Bitcoin and Ether, while others might be expecting Litecoin and XRP. Having a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency can help you have a chance to bet on multiple platforms. Additionally, you can choose the cryptocurrency which will return the best results for you. 

What are the types of e-sports available for betting?

People know Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as an e-sport game. However, many other e-sport games exist. Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and StarCraft are examples of popular e-sports. You can place bets on these games too. These games offer chances to gamble as traditional sports do. Fans of competitive gaming now bet on e-sports. Bettors can pick their favorite genre due to the wide range of games available. E-sports fans can bet on many game types, including first-person shooters and strategy games. Pro E-sports gambling resembles traditional gambling. Parents need to protect their children from potential risks. The growth of e-sports and e-betting will boost cryptocurrency usage for online betting transactions.

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Red Rake Gaming launches with BetMGM





Red Rake Gaming, is thrilled to announce the latest milestone in its North American expansion strategy: the launch of its top-performing online slots with BetMGM, a premier iGaming and sports betting operator. This partnership marks a significant step in delivering Red Rake Gaming’s diverse and innovative slot portfolio to a broader audience in the burgeoning North American market.

The collaboration with BetMGM allows players to enjoy an array of Red Rake Gaming’s most popular titles, renowned for their engaging mechanics, stunning graphics, and immersive gameplay. Key titles include the fan-favorite “Age of Olympus: Apollo,” the action-packed “Super 30 Stars,” and the adventure-filled “Big Size Fishin’ all of which have consistently topped performance charts globally.

Nick Barr, Managing Director for Red Rake Gaming Malta, commented on the partnership: “We are ecstatic to partner with BetMGM, a leader in the rapidly growing North American iGaming market. Our games have consistently proven to be strong performers, and we are confident that BetMGM’s players will appreciate the unique experiences that our titles offer. This collaboration represents a significant step in our strategy to expand our footprint in North America, and we look forward to a successful partnership.”

The integration of Red Rake Gaming’s slots into BetMGM’s platform is set to enhance the operator’s extensive game library, offering players even more choices and elevating their gaming experience. This move is part of Red Rake Gaming’s broader strategy to expand its presence in regulated markets across North America, continuing to build on its reputation for delivering premium content.

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20 000 EUR donated by RocketPlay at AskGamblers Awards Charity Night



Reading Time: < 1 minute


On June 13, the AskGamblers Awards concluded with a highly anticipated grand finale in Belgrade. Esteemed guests, industry experts, officials, and partners gathered to witness the live crowning of winners across multiple categories. The night before the gala was dedicated to the annual AskGamblers Awards Charity Night, where an impressive 106 500 EUR was raised for charity, setting a new record.

RocketPlay Casino proudly participated in the AskGamblers Awards Charity Night, contributing 20 000 EUR to the total amount raised. This donation underscores RocketPlay Casino’s commitment to supporting charitable causes and giving back to the community.

Pavel Kolesnyk, RocketPlay’s Affiliate Team Lead, attended the event and shared his thoughts: “The AskGamblers Awards Charity Night was an outstanding event, showcasing the industry’s dedication to philanthropy. The organization was top-notch, and it was inspiring to see so many companies come together for a good cause. RocketPlay Casino is honored to be part of such an impactful initiative.”


RocketPlay is an online casino prioritizing player satisfaction and delivering a thrilling gaming experience. The casino has exceptional customer loyalty, reflected in outstanding ratings on AskGamblers and Trustpilot. It holds an 8.7 out of 10 rating on AskGamblers and ​​Casino Rank of 9/10 from the platform itself. Additionally, RocketPlay has certificates of trust from and RocketPlay offers a VIP program with bonus rewards and a selection of 3000+ slots, along with responsible gaming tools. The platform remains committed to excellence and continues to innovate, making it a strong competitor in the online casino industry.

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